Cost-Effective Shared Environment or Custom Dedicated Environments

New: Now Starting at $250! HIPAA Compliant! Now on APEX 18.1!

We’re experts at deploying and managing Oracle APEX applications in the Amazon AWS cloud. (We deployed in 2009.) We can quickly bring you onboard to our existing shared environment (see details below) OR design and create a dedicated AWS environment for you. Either environment is secure, highly available, scalable and all the great attributes you demand from an enterprise-level I.T. environment.

We will empower you. For example, we'll demo the AWS calculator. You'll have the ability to design your AWS environment, select the computing resources you require and perform what-if scenario analysis (WISA). You'll make knowledgeable decisions regarding resources and associated costs.

If you need "utility-type" infrastructure ("just make it work, reliably"), we can handle it all for you. Alternatively, if you want to take over AWS management going forward, we'll mentor you on AWS administration.

With more than nine years of AWS experience and a fully Compliant, Licensed Oracle Database environment, we’re qualified to get you more secure, more reliable, more performant, and more cost effective cloud-based IT infrastructure than you've imagined possible.

You Concentrate on Your Business and your Applications, We'll Take Care of the Rest.

Call 1-888-803-5607. Outside U.S call 1.401.783.6172

"Production Package" Environment Details

  • A secure, HIPAA Compliant, shared, highly available (AWS Multi-AZ deployment) environment.
  • Standard environments provisioned within 24 hours.
  • Application migration and data migration support.
  • Includes all software - including Oracle Database SE2 - and hardware (Amazon AWS) to run your APEX applications.
  • 3 Oracle APEX workspaces , 1 with $250 Package
  • 3 Oracle Schemas, 1 with $250 Package
  • 3 AutoExtend Tablespaces, (1 with $250 Package) 5 GB each with AES256 Encryption. Additional storage is billed at $0.10 USD per Gigabyte per month
  • PDF Report Printing with ORDS built in FOP or Apex Office Print (AOP). AOP upgrade to 18.1 on Sept 20 2018.
  • Outgoing Email Support. (Mass email support can be added.)
  • One hour of APEX mentoring per month (not included in $250 Package)
  • $500 per month. Minimum 6 month Term. No extra nor hidden charges.

Environment Specs Overview

  • 2 CPU Virtual Server, shared. (Request Enterprise Package for dedicated servers.)
  • Hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud, US East, Virginia (Request Enterprise Package for alternate host locations.
  • Oracle Database 12c (12.2) Standard Edition 2 and above, isolated and Audited per CIS Benchmark
  • APEX 18.1 environment and above. 5.1 and below available.
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux Release 6.5 and above, SCAP compliant
  • Oracle Rest Data Services 18.1 ORDS 18.1
  • Tomcat Application Server 8.5.9 and above, DMZ/Firewall protected
  • Apache 2.4 DMZ Server and above, including secure Reverse-Proxy technology
  • Industry best practice, firewalled 3 tier architecture, with virtual private cloud isolated database server

Methods of Access to Your Environment

  • Database: One database user with schema-level privileges for each schema
  • APEX: One APEX Workspace Administrator user for each workspace
  • HTTP: Custom domain name or a subdomain of
  • Customer can load their own data as needed. SkillBuilders will assist with initial migration.

Usage Limitations (few)

  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Incoming Data Transfer
  • Free Outgoing Data Transfer up to 10GB per month. $1 per GB per month over 10GB.

Security (Very Secure)

  • Installation of SSL Certificate at no extra charge
  • Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) compliant Linux OS
  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark for secure Oracle Database
  • Outgoing connection secured with SSL to webservices or LDAP services
  • Full volume AES256 Encryption
  • Encrypted Oracle Net access (for SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, Toad, etc) over fully encrypted VPN

Database Administration Included (We Are Your DBA)

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of Production Database. One hour response maximum.
  • One load of customer data
  • OS and Oracle Database Maintenance, Backups, Patches
  • Daily RMAN backups and Daily schema and APEX applications exports

Support Details (You are Covered!)

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of Production Database and entire APEX environment
  • End-to-End APEX application Response Time Monitoring
  • 99.5% Uptime Guarantee, calculated month-to-month.
  • Special request DBA or Development support available. Call (888) 803-5607

Uptime Service Level Agreement

  • 99.5% uptime SLA

Database Maintenance Strategy

  • SUs, CPUs, SPUs are applied within 10 business days of release.
  • Patch Sets (e.g. to, APEX 5.0 to 5.1) will be applied as soon as thorough testing is completed, which can be dependent on the time required for a customer to test applications.
  • Upgrades to Major releases (e.g. 11g to 12c) within a year after release, unless industry is buzzing with notable issues with new release.
  • Biannual CIS Benchmark Audits. Last April 2018, Next October 2018.
  • Interim patches will not be applied unless necessary to fix a specific problem occurring on the database.

Operating System Maintenance Strategy

  • Security patches are applied on a regular (scheduled) basis to prevent security issues in the OS and applications.
  • Scheduled SCAP (ess-cap) Audits

Fair Use Policy

The Production Package is a shared server environment (see Enterprise Package for dedicated servers). If client's Application adversely affects the performance of SkillBuilders Server, then SkillBuilders shall have the right to terminate the Application. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact Client prior to termination.

Pricing Disclaimer

Prices may be changed at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without prior notice

SkillBuilders Announces Oracle APEX Hosting Service

SOURCE SkillBuilders Inc.

WAKEFIELD, R.I., April 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SkillBuilders has announced immediate availability of Oracle APEX hosting services for customers seeking a stable and secure environment for production APEX applications. 24 x 7 support is available from SkillBuilders Oracle Database and APEX experts.

"This service, backed by our customer service, gives the industry an enterprise ready solution for their Oracle APEX applications, be they intranet or Internet applications. We can often on-board a new customer or existing application within a day," said David Anderson, Founder and President of SkillBuilders. "We eliminate all the headaches associated with going live with an APEX application." Anderson added, "This service is backed by the most secure and stable hardware (Amazon AWS) and up-to-date software including Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition, APEX 4.2.6, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5 and APEX Listener ORDS 2.0.10. We are committed to staying current; we will offer an APEX 5 platform as soon as it is available."

SkillBuilders, founded in 1994, is a software services company with world-class technical expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Application Express (APEX), UNIX and Web Development. SkillBuilders provides Oracle Administration, remote Oracle DBA, full life cycle APEX application development and education services. SkillBuilders provides services to a worldwide customer base. Their mission is "to always provide the best solution for our customers, gaining fans in the customer base and building long-term business relationships." Their business philosophy is also simple: "Honesty and integrity in all business practices." SkillBuilders is headquartered in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Their experts are available on-site and online, across the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

For more information about APEX Hosting and SkillBuilders, visit Contact Gary Belke at 1.401.783.6172 or Email.

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