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SQL Tuning with Adaptive Cursor Sharing and Cardinality Feedback

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Learn the 12c features related to SQL tuning! Oracle Certified Master John Watson teaches with examples and demonstrations: Adaptive Execution Plans and Cardinality Feedback (enhanced in Oracle Database 12c).  

Prerequisites:  Reading an Execution Plan (a free tutorial)

Jan 16 - Oracle 12c New Features for Administrators Training

SkillBuilders series of tutorials on tuning SQL in Oracle Database 12c

1. Oracle 12c SQL Tuning - Adaptive Execution Plans   (10:11)  
Learn an Oracle Database 12c new performance feature - Adaptive Execution Plans. During execution, Oracle Database can switch the SQL to a new plan. A very powerful corrective measure! But if you don't know about it , how can you possibly tune SQL in Oracle Database 12c? Time to learn 12c!
2. Re-Optimization of Execution Plans with Cardinality Feedback   (15:37)  
Cardinality feedback, introduced with Oracle Database 11g, has been significantly enhanced with 12c. Cardinality feedback allows the CBO to learn from a cardinality estimate mistake and re-optimize the execution plan. Learn more in this free SQL Tuning tutorial...

Date: Apr 15, 2014

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