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Using ApexSec to Develop Secure Oracle APEX Applications

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Not all APEX applications have the same security requirements. When security really matters, arming yourself with the knowledge to build secure applications for the modern web is very important – but it’s not enough. You may have code you didn't write, code you wrote before you learned how to develop securely, or even code you wrote after you learned but before you had your coffee. The point is everyone makes mistakes and that’s where ApexSec comes in. ApexSec, developed by Recx, is a tool that analyses deep into the code of all versions of APEX and makes it easy to identify and fix the most serious of vulnerabilities that affect web applications today. In this session, attendees will see real mistakes that an experienced APEX developer made and how ApexSec was used to find and fix the vulnerabilities to help ensure the application’s security. 

Your instructor, Dan McGhan is an Oracle ACE, Oracle Application Express Developer Certifed Expert and advocate. In addition to his "day job", he is one of the top  contributors to the APEX forum, maintains his own Oracle and APEX Blog and has been a speaker at ODTUG Kaleidoscope, New York Oracle Users Group, New England Oracle Users Group, APEXOSED and Suncoast Oracle Users Group events

Oct 23 - HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript in Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Date: Feb 20, 2013

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