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Solaris Network Failover and Load Spreading Features

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This webinar covers the configuration of two types of Solaris network failover and load-spreading features, both of which offer simple but effective solutions for network reliability and efficiency:

  • IPMP (Internet Protocol Multi-Pathing) - a facility to create network failover with multiple network interfaces, and with the added benefit of outbound load spreading.
  • Link Aggregations - similar to the above, but combines multiple interfaces into one, with full inbound and outbound load spreading. Also provides much more in terms of monitoring and control than IPMP.

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Presented by SkillBuilders instructor, Mick Hosegood began his career over twenty years ago at Sun Microsystems. He specializes in Solaris and Linux.

Audience: Anyone working with or interested in the Solaris Operation System.

Language: English

Date: Apr 6, 2011