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Free Oracle 11g New Features Tutorial: Oracle Database 11g - The Upgrade Motivators

Join Oracle Certified Master DBA John Watson and SkillBuilders' Dave Anderson as they discuss the primary reasons you should upgrade to Oracle Database 11g R2 including new parallelism features.  If you are in management or administration you will want to learn the key features that make 11g essential to your enterprise. With Oracle 10g now in Extended Support (you are now paying 42% - ouch!), it is time to upgrade!  Even if you have already upgraded, be certain you are taking advantage of these features.

Dec 4 - SkillBuilders Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Workshop

The first installment, recorded November 10, 2011, covers:

1. Enhanced parallel capabilities   (20:19)  
2. The Oracle 11g Results Cache   (25:42)  

Date: Nov 10, 2011

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We will deliver the following topics over the course of the multiple sessions.  The order of the topics may not be as listed below.  Each session will begin with the anticipated agenda.  Additional topics may be added.

Partitioning  (EE option) 
Adaptive Cursor Sharing (SE) 
SQL plan management (EE) 
Security (SE) 
Hot patching (SE) 
Optimizer Statistics (SE)

* When (EE) is specified, this denotes a feature that requires Enterprise Edition.  Extra cost options are also noted. All other features are included in Standard Edition.