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Learn How To Use Oracle Subqueries

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SQL is a language that allows you to perform queries to answer a wide range of questions about your data.  Subqueries provide powerful solutions to support a host of complex queries.

In this free online training video Geoff teaches you how Oracle Database supports a wide range of subquery capabilities including:
* Simple Subqueries
* Correlated Subqueries
* Top-N Queries
*  Subqueries in the WHERE clause, subqueries in the FROM clause, subqueries in the SELECT clause . . . subqueries everywhere!

We will also discuss subquery “gotchas” and how to avoid them, subquery best practices, subqueries vs joins, and how and why to use Subquery Factoring.

Your instructor, Geoff Wiland, has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the I.T. industry.  His last 10 years have been spent working with Oracle. 

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Duration: 34 minutes

Dec 4 - SkillBuilders Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Workshop

Date: Nov 4, 2011

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