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Introduction to Advanced Ruby: What Makes Ruby Special

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"Introduction to Ruby" talks aren't that exciting. Every language has strings, arrays, conditionals, and evaluation, and by now, everyone's sick of "build a CRUD app in 15 minutes" demos. Every language has its own special qualities that set it apart, and this talk focuses what makes Ruby different and special. We'll cover seven advanced language features and techniques, and we'll demonstrate how we use those to solve everyday problems. We'll talk about message passing, extending core language features, lambdas, and we'll even write a little code that writes code. If you've looked at Ruby and thought "What's the point?" then this talk is for you.

Your instructor, Brian P. Hogan is an author, editor, trainer, and web developer who’s been building web sites professionally since 1995. He enjoys teaching and writing about technology, particularly web design, accessibility, and development. When not hacking on Ruby or JavaScript code, he’s writing songs, watching “The Simpsons,” or spending quality time with his wife and daughters.

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Audience: Developers who have some experience with the Ruby language.

Language: English

Duration: 58 minutes

For beginners, see our free Web Development with Ruby on Rails tutorial.

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Date: Sep 9, 2011

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