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How to Code Groovy - An Introduction for Java Developers

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Learn Groovy Programming!

Groovy is part of the new generation of dynamic languages for the JVM. It's not intended to replace Java, but rather to make it easier, more flexible, and more powerful. Groovy is what Java would have been like had it been designed in the 21st Century. Groovy dramatically simplifies Java development, and also brings modern language concepts like builders, closures, and metaprogramming to existing Java systems. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate both how Groovy makes Java development quicker and easier, and also to show some of Groovy's more advanced features. The capabilities illustrated will include:

  • Groovy beans
  • Optional typing
  • Easy access and processing XML data
  • Unit and functional testing of both Groovy and Java code
  • Simplified file and directory handling
  • Templating
  • Ant builders, Swing builders, and XML builders

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Audience: Java developers interested in learning Groovy.

Language: English

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Date: Jun 4, 2010

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