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Introduction to American Disability Act Web Accessible Applications (and APEX 5 Support)

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The Americans with Disabilities Act includes standards for Website Accessibility. (see

This is so important!

According to the World Health Organization, there are 285 million people worldwide who, due to some disability (e.g. they are suffering with low vision) cannot read all content on a website / web-application. That’s 4% percent of the world’s population! 

Also, consider that many people expect to work and / or use web technology well at older ages - thus increasing the demand for web-accessible applications.  Hence, there are many reasons to make your application work with assistive technologies like a screen reader. 

Luckily, APEX 5.0 follows Oracle's corporate web accessibility guidelines, which themselves are based on the highest accessibility guidelines. But does that mean that every APEX-application you develop will meet all of these guidelines and will automatically work for disabled users? 

During this presentation Oracle Certified APEX Expert Sergei Martens will have a look at a web-application from the perspective of a visually impaired user, show you why a deeper understanding of accessibility during application development is needed and discuss Oracle APEX 5 support.

Date: Mar 22, 2016

Download the presentation (PDF)

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