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How to setup High Availability for Applications with Oracle 12c Flex Clusters

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Learn how to configure High Availability for Applications (e.g. Apache, Tomcat, etc) with Oracle 12c Flex Clusters (aka Oracle Clusterware 12c).  Of course, we can configure HA for databases too, but if your applications will failover also, well that is fantastic.  Yes, it can be done with FREE software from Oracle, Oracle 12c Flex Clusters. (Yes, free. Read more about this hard-to-believe fact at the bottom of this page.)

Watch and listen to Oracle Certified Master DBA John Watson as he provides an understanding of Flex Clusters and demonstrates setup and failover.

Dec 4 - SkillBuilders Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Workshop

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

1. Introduction to HA with 12c Flex Clusters   (2:51)   (click to read the Transcript)
2. What is a Highly Available Application?   (2:17)  
3. Simple Example of a Highly Available Application Using Oracle 12c Flex Clusters   (2:23)  
4. Demonstration: Configure and Test Failover   (5:09)  
5. 12c Flex Clusters: Architecture, Supported Environments and Applications   (1:17)  
6. Summary   (1:28)  

Date: Sep 1, 2015

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Oracle Clusterware (includes Flex Clusters) is FREE! Oracle Corporation, June 2015: "Oracle Clusterware is a complete, enterprise class clustering solution. It is a free. To get support for upgrades or patches, a valid support license for any other Oracle product such as Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, or any other supported Oracle application is required." Source: Oracle White Paper, June 2015, Oracle Clusterware 12c