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Web Development with Ruby On Rails

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The Ruby on Rails framework gives you the tools you need to develop web applications faster. In this webinar, you'll learn about the basic components of the Rails framework and see how to create and test a very simple web application that you can build upon. By the end you'll have an idea of how you can leverage Ruby on Rails in your work.

Your instructor, Brian P. Hogan is an author, editor, trainer, and web developer who’s been building web sites professionally since 1995. He enjoys teaching and writing about technology, particularly web design, accessibility, and development. When not hacking on Ruby or JavaScript code, he’s writing songs, watching “The Simpsons,” or spending quality time with his wife and daughters.

Audience: Programmers, Developers, anybody interested in Ruby on Rails.

Language: English

Duration: 57 minutes

Dec 4 - SkillBuilders Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Workshop

Date: Nov 12, 2010

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