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Stabilizing Oracle 12c Database Performance with Baselines

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Learn how to prevent Oracle Database performance regression with baselines.

DBAs know that Oracle databases can have dreadful problems with stability ever since release 7 introduced the cost-based optimizer. A query runs well today and tomorrow it's a disaster. Why does this happen? Because of dynamic parsing.

The problems of instability should be history for all new upgrades to 12c. SQL baselining is actually introduced in 11g but it's greatly enhanced in 12c. It can give you a guarantee that performance will never degrade.  

Nov 27 - Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Workshop

This free Oracle Baseline tutorial is segmented into the following lessons:

1. Introduction   (2:38)   (click to read the Transcript)
2. Baseline Demonstration   (4:06)  

Date: Mar 10, 2015

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