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How to Move Datafiles in Oracle Database 12c

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How do you move a datafile in an Oracle Database?  Well, it just got a lot easier in 12c! Watch this free video tutorial where OCM John Watson of SkillBuilders will demonstrate both techniques, 11g and 12c.

There are many reasons to move a datafile in an Oracle database.  Here are just a few:

  • Renaming datafiles to a standard
  • Moving from one file system to another
  • Converting from file system storage to ASM
  • Changing from SAN to NFS storage

In 11g, we need to take the tablespace offline, meaning downtime.  Argh!

In 12c, all that is required is ALTER DATABASE MOVE DATAFILE;  this is an online operation with zero downtime (in 11g we use ALTER DATABASE RENAME DATAFILE).  Even "critical" files such as the files associated with the SYSTEM tablespace can be moved online.  Consider the ease of moving to ASM this provides!

This also functions in an Active Data Guard standby environment.  And, there are syntax options that allow you to keep or delete the original file.  Very cool stuff.

Dec 4 - SkillBuilders Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Workshop

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

1. Introduction and Demonstration of 11g Tech   (1:32)  
John discuss reasons why moving datafiles is required and demonstrates the 11g technique.
2. Demonstration of 12c Technique   (1:26)  
John demonstrates the 12c technique, ALTER DATABASE MOVE DATAFILE.

Date: Feb 16, 2015

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