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Groovy and Grails for Ellucian (SunGard) Banner Developers

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The next version of Ellucian (formerly SunGard) Banner uses the Groovy programming language for its business rules and the Grails framework for applications development. Groovy and Grails are new, state-of-the-art technologies that will change the way you work. Both are likely to be new to existing Banner programmers. Ken will provide an overview of both technologies and discuss their likely impact on future development. He'll also present ways to minimize disruption as you decide how to best use them in your environment. Topics will include: What is Groovy and what can it do for me? How can I build and support Grails applications? What do I need to know to use both successfully? How can I stay productive while I learn all that?

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Audience: Programmers, Developers, anybody interested in Groovy programming and the Grails platform.

Language: English

Duration: 58 minutes

Dec 4 - SkillBuilders Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Workshop

Free Video Tutorial Groovy and Grails for Ellucian (Sungard) Banner Developers

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1. Banner Developer Skills, What is Groovy, What is Grails   (10:59)   (click to read the Transcript)
2. Banner and Groovy, Architecture, Model-View-Controller, Demonstration: Creating a Grails Application   (7:58)  
3. Part Two of Creating a Grails Application Demonstration (with SpringSource Tool Suite)   (10:08)  
4. Part Three of Creating a Grails Application Demonstration   (11:11)  
5. Part Four of Creating a Grails Application Demonstration   (8:46)  
6. Persistence, GORM, Custom Mappings to Databases, Validation, and much more.   (9:34)  

Date: Dec 8, 2010

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