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Oracle Consultants Available
Let us help you save money.

We can help you determine what Oracle Database edition, options and packs that you need - and what you don't!


We are Oracle Database technicians (and masters to boot) who sell Oracle Database licenses. We are database experts. We listen; we take the time to understand your requirements, then we'll suggest a solution. Often that solution is Standard Edition - saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars in licensing costs. SkillBuilders alerts and notifications system replaces the costly Enterprise Edition Diagnostics pack Event/Alert Notifications system. Our skill at database and SQL tuning can make the EE Advisors unnecessary as well. Bottom line: We can often save you a ton of money.

When Enterprise Edition is required, we have the hands-on technical expertise to guide you to the right options and avoid the ones you don't need - again saving you money.

How Much Does Oracle Database Cost?

The price of an Oracle database license depends on several factors:

  • Edition: Standard, Standard Edition One, or Enterprise Edition (refer to the Feature and Option Availability Matrix)
  • Enterprise Edition packs and options selected
  • Type of license purchased
    • Named User - Limits the number of users that can connect to the database. The minimum number of users you can purchase is five.
    • Processor - Price depends on number and type of processor, sockets, cores and / or threads, depending on Edition.
  • Support.
    • A support license provides you access to Oracle Support services and patches. Without support, your software is "terminal"; i.e. it cannot be patched nor upgraded.
    • The first year of support is included in the license price; each subsequent year the cost is approximately 22% of your original license cost.
Edition List Price
(Processor license
before discount)
Your Price with Discount
Express Edition Free Free
Standard Edition One $5,800 SkillBuilders Discount
Standard Edition $17,500 SkillBuilders Discount
Enterprise Edition $47,500 SkillBuilders Discount
Management Packs $3,500 - $5,000 depending on pack. SkillBuilders Discount
Options $5,800 - $23,000 depending on option. SkillBuilders Discount
Oracle reserves the right to change price without notice.

Note that Oracle also provides a "Personal Edition". This is a single-user, fully functional database, containing EE features. Personal Edition is great for application development and testing. Personal Edition costs $460; support starting in year 2 is $160.

Oracle Database 11g Feature and Option Availability Matrix

The following table outlines the database features and options associated with each edition of Oracle Database 11g. Contact us to help you understand what functionality these features provide and if you need them for your environment.

Oracle Data Guard - Redo Apply N N Y
Oracle Data Guard - SQL Apply N N Y
Oracle Data Guard-Snapshot Standby N N Y
Oracle Active Data Guard N N Y Enterprise Option (Active Data Guard)
Oracle Data Guard - Network Compression N N Y Enterprise Option (Advanced Compression Option)
Basic Standby Database (Manually managed) Y Y Y
Rolling Upgrades - Patch Set, Database and O/S N N Y
Fast-Start Fault Recovery N N Y
Online index rebuild N N Y
Online index-organized table reorganization N N Y via ALTER TABLE MOVE ONLINE
Online table redefinition N N Y via DBMS_REDEFINITION
Online system changes - CPU, disk, memory Y Y Y
Flashback Query Y Y Y
Flashback Table N N Y
Flashback Database N N Y
Flashback Transaction N N Y
Flashback Transaction Query N N Y
Flashback Data Archive ("Oracle Total Recall") N N Y Enterprise Option
Block Level Media Recovery N N Y
Online Backup and Recovery Y Y Y
Incremental Backup and Recovery Y Y Y EE only: fast incremental backups available
change tracking
Unused Block Compression in Backups N N Y
Parallel Backup and Recovery N N Y
Default RMAN Compression (BZIP2) Y Y Y
Fast RMAN Compression (ZLIB) N N Y Enterprise Option (Advanced Compression Option)
Point-in-time Tablespace Recovery N N Y
Trial Recovery N N Y
Oracle Fail Safe Y Y Y Windows only
Data Recovery Advisor Y Y Y
Transaction Application Failover Y Y Y
Oracle Real Application Clusters N Y Y Enterprise Option, and included with SE
Oracle Clusterware Y Y Y
Automatic Workload Management N Y Y Requires RAC
Support for Oracle Exadata Storage Server N N Y
In-Memory Database Cache N N Y Enterprise Option
Oracle Advanced Security N N Y Enterprise Option
Oracle Label Security N N Y Enterprise Option
Data Masking Pack N N Y Enterprise Option
Encryption Toolkit Y Y Y
Fine Grained Auditing N N Y
Secure Application Role N N Y
Java Support Y Y Y
Database Web Services Y Y Y
JDBC Drivers Y Y Y
XML Support in Database Y Y Y Includes Binary XML, XML Object-Relational, XML Index, XML Repository
XQuery Y Y Y
Objects and Extensibility Y Y Y
Regular Expressions Y Y Y
PL/SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers Y Y Y
PL/SQL Server Pages Y Y Y
Java Server Pages Y Y Y
Java Native Compilation Y Y Y
PL/SQL Native Compilation Y Y Y
PL/SQL Function Result Cache N N Y
Client Side Query Cache N N Y
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Net Y Y Y Windows Only
Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Support Y Y Y Windows Only
Active Directory Integration Y Y Y Windows Only
Native .NET Data Provider - ODP.NET Y Y Y Windows Only
.NET Stored Procedures Y Y Y Windows Only
Globalization Support Y Y Y
Application Express Y Y Y
SQL*Plus Y Y Y
SQL Developer Y Y Y
Oracle Change Management Pack N N Y Enterprise Option
Oracle Configuration Management Pack N N Y Enterprise Option
Oracle Diagnostic Pack N N Y Enterprise Option
Oracle Tuning Pack N N Y Enterprise Option
Oracle Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack N N Y Enterprise Option
Fast, Lightweight Server Install Y Y Y
Easy Client Install Y Y Y
Oracle Enterprise Manager - Database Control Y Y Y
Automatic Memory management Y Y Y
Automatic Storage management Y Y Y
Automatic Undo management Y Y Y
Automatic Statistics management Y Y Y
Server Managed Backup and Recover (RMAN) Y Y Y
Automatic Backup/Recovery to Flash Recovery Area Y Y Y
Duplexed Backup Sets N N Y
Server-Generated Alerts Y Y Y
End-to-End Application Testing Y Y Y
Database Resource Manager N N Y
SQL Plan Management N N Y
Resumable Space Allocation Y Y Y
Oracle Partitioning N N Y Enterprise option
Oracle OLAP N N Y Enterprise option
Oracle Data Mining N N Y Enterprise option
Direct Load Data Compression N N Y
OLTP Compression N N Y Enterprise Option (Advanced Compression Option)
SQL Analytics Functions Y Y Y
Bitmapped index and Bitmapped Join Index N N Y
Function-Based Index Y Y Y
Parallel Query/DML N N Y
Parallel Statistics Gathering N N Y
Parallel Index Build/Scans N N Y
Parallel Data Pump Export/Import N N Y SE Non-Parallel Data Pump only
Data Pump Compression N N Y Enterprise Option (Advanced Compression Option)
Export Transportable Tablespace, including Cross-Platform N N Y
Import Transportable Tablespace Y Y Y
Star Query Transformation Y Y Y SE B-Tree Indexes Only
Sample Scan Y Y Y
Summary Management - Materialized View Creation and Refresh Y Y Y
Summary Management - Materialized View Query Rewrite N N Y
Direct Path Load API Y Y Y
External Tables Y Y Y
SQL Model Y Y Y
Synchronous Change Data Capture Y Y Y
Asynchronous Change Data Capture N N Y
Query Rewrite Cache N N Y
Oracle Streams Y Y Y SE1/SE no Asynchronous Capture from Log File (Online Redo or Archive)
Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing Y Y Y
Messaging Gateway N N Y
Basic Replication Y Y Y Read only and updateable materialized views. Also single master for updateable MVs and multi-tier MVs.
Advanced replication N N Y Multi-Master Replication
Distributed Queries/Transactions Y Y Y
Job Scheduler Y Y Y
External Procedures Y Y Y
Generic Connectivity Y Y Y
Transparent Gateways Y Y Y Licensed separately for SE/EE
Connection Pooling Y Y Y
Oracle Connection manager N N Y
Infiniband Support N N Y
Oracle Spatial N N Y Enterprise Option
Semantic Technologies (RDF/OWL) N N Y Requires Spatial, Advanced Compression and Partitioning Options
Oracle Locator Y Y Y
Oracle Workspace manager Y Y Y
Medial Images (DICOM) Y Y Y
Multimedia Y Y Y
Oracle Text Y Y Y
SecureFiles Y Y Y Compression, deduplication are part of an Enterprise Option (Advanced Compression Option). Encryption is part of an Enterprise Option (Advanced Security Option)
Database Event Triggers Y Y Y
Drop Column Y Y Y
Rename Column, Constraint Y Y Y
Virtual Column Y Y Y Use of virtual columns as primary keys or foreign keys require EE and Oracle Partitioning Option
Invisible Indexes Y Y Y
Index-Organized Tables Y Y Y
Instead-of Triggers Y Y Y
LOB (Large Object) Support Y Y Y
LogMiner Y Y Y
Multiple Block Size Support Y Y Y
Temporary Table Y Y Y
Oracle reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this paper at a later date.

Contact us at (888) 803-5607 (01-401-783-6172 outside U.S.) or to see how we can help you.