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Sun ZFS Storage Appliances

SkillBuilders is an Oracle authorized reseller of Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage appliances optimize performance and capacity, minimize downtime, reduce deployment time and cost. Intelligent Hybrid Storage Pools (HSPs), Real - Time Analytics, and unprecedented easy-to-use administration deliver new economic advantages with agile storage management and deployment.

Figure 1: Sun ZFS Storage appliances scale multi - dimensionally and are available with a full set of all data services

Meeting Today's IT Challenges

Storage requirements are exploding for databases, virtualization, unstructured content, and data protection. One of the unique requirements of today's storage applications is that they must provide both high performance and the ability to preserve and manage large volumes of file-based and/or block based data. IT managers are being asked to continuously meet these growing storage capacity needs on flat or declining IT budgets - all while continuing to support high service levels for more and more users.

Sun ZFS Storage Appliances

The Sun ZFS Storage appliances are Oracle's preferred NAS storage system for Enterprise Tier 1 environments. They offer new innovations in storage, including enterprise-class data services, hybrid columnar compression support for Oracle Database, and industry-leading performance while delivering significant cost savings. These systems feature a common, easy-to-use management interface that requires no additional training, and have the industry's most comprehensive analytics environment to help isolate and resolve issues to minimize impact to your business. An advanced Hybrid Storage Pool design automatically optimizes performance and helps lower power and cooling requirements, enabling the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances to deliver break-through performance while radically simplifying the way you manage your storage.

Storage That Is Easy to Deploy, Analyze, and Optimize

Provisioning and management are dramatically simplified in Sun ZFS Storage appliances through the easy-to-use browser user interface (BUI) management that takes the guesswork out of system installation, configuration, and tuning. DTrace Analytics software provides the industry's only comprehensive and intuitive analytics environment.

Figure 2: Real - Time Analytics increase storage optimization and reduces down time

Administrators have all of the tools they need to quickly identify and diagnose system performance issues, and debug live storage and networking problems before they become challenging for the entire network. The real-time analysis and monitoring functionality is based on the award-winning DTrace Analytics technology and uses built-in instrumentation to provide in-depth analysis of key storage subsystems. Appliances also include the comprehensive self-healing capabilities of Oracle's Fault Management Architecture (FMA). FMA automatically and silently detects and diagnoses underlying system problems and automatically responds by taking faulty components offline.

Performance and Scalability to Meet Your Business Needs

To deliver high performance, the Sun ZFS Storage appliance file system, Oracle Solaris ZFS, seamlessly optimizes access to the different types of media as part of the HSPs. Oracle Solaris ZFS was designed to automatically recognize different I/O patterns and place data in the best storage media for optimal performance. For example, Oracle Solaris ZFS transparently executes writes to low-latency SSD media so that writes can be quickly acknowledged, allowing the application to continue processing.

Figure 3: DTrace Analytics, intuitive and comprehensive for seamless optimization

Oracle Solaris ZFS then automatically flushes the data to hard disk drives as a background task. Another type of SSD media acts as a cache to reduce read latency, and Oracle Solaris ZFS also transparently manages the process of copying frequently accessed data into this cache to seamlessly satisfy read requests from clients.

Hybrid Columnar Compression for Oracle Database

Enterprises with existing NAS based Oracle databases with in-database archives for OLTP, Data Warehousing or mixed workloads can achieve 10x to 50x reductions in their data volumes by using Hybrid Columnar Compression on the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. Unique to Oracle storage, this capability helps customers achieve 3x to 5x reductions in their storage footprints by replacing their existing storage with Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

Scalability in Multiple Dimensions

Unlike traditional storage architectures, Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage appliances support scalability in multiple dimensions with the ability to scale I/O throughput, processor performance, and total storage capacity to meet your application needs. As application requirements change, IT managers can choose to

  • Increase resources by adding more processors, cache, I/O.
  • Expand total capacity by adding enterprise-class disk shelf units
  • Increase performance using additional flash

Easy on Your Budget

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage appliances offer configurations that deliver higher performance at costs lower than traditional storage solutions by using cost-effective components and providing the industry's richest set of base software features. The systems also offer economic value by reducing energy consumption and data center space requirements through the use of 7200 RPM drives and flash. Configurations with 15,000 RPM drives are also offered for customers who want to maximize performance for specific high I/O use cases involving uncached, random data.

A Range of Configurations

To meet a variety of customer needs for capacity, price, and performance, the Sun ZFS Storage appliances come in three different configurations, including two cluster configurations that offer maximum availability. All systems come bundled with the same software including data protocols, compression, and DTrace Analytics software for system troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Sun ZFS Storage 7120

This entry-level, easy-to-install storage appliance is ideal for small and medium size businesses, departments, and remote offices of large corporations. It includes the same feature-rich software as the high-end configurations, and delivers 12 TB to 120 TB of raw capacity using 7,200 RPM SAS drives with flash write cache. With the Sun Storage 7120 appliance, customers can acquire easy-to-use enterprise data management functionality at entry-level costs.

Sun ZFS Storage 7320

The Sun ZFS Storage 7320 redefines mid-range storage for the enterprise, with simplified management, performance, efficiency, and seamless expansion to meet your growing needs. It provides a high-availability, entry-level cluster option with scalability up to 192 TB raw capacity, and supports Hybrid Storage Pools that can be configured with up to 4 TB of read- optimized cache and optional write-optimized cache for enhanced application performance. Also, configurations featuring 15,000 RPM hard drives are now available for specific high I/O use cases involving uncached, random data.

Sun ZFS Storage 7420

The Sun ZFS Storage 7420 gives a competitive advantage to data-intensive businesses, and is uniquely designed for virtualized environments requiring multiple data services, and heterogeneous file sharing. It is available in a single or cluster configuration, offers simplified storage management and over 1 PB of raw capacity for extreme scalability. The Sun ZFS Storage 7420 system delivers superior performance with its Hybrid Storage Pool architecture. Also, configurations featuring 15,000 RPM hard drives are now available for specific high I/O use cases involving uncached, random data.

Cluster Configurations

For customers who require maximum protection against downtime, the Sun ZFS Storage 7320 and 7420 systems also support a two-node cluster configuration with no single point of failure. The Sun ZFS Storage 7320 and 7420 Cluster Systems feature active-active architecture with no single point of failure that enables high performance and high availability to maximize business productivity.

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Software
Included FeaturesDetails
File system Oracle Solaris ZFS (128-bit addressability)
File level protocol NFS v2/v3/v4, CIFS, HTTP, WebDAV, FTP/SFTP/FTPS
Block level protocol ISCSI, Fibre Channel, iSER, SRP, IP over Infiniband , RDMA over Infinidband
Data compression Four levels of data compression available
Hybrid Columnar Compression 3x to 5x reduction in storage footprint for customers with existing NAS based Oracle databases with in-database archives for OLTP, Data Warehousing or mixed workloads
Data Deduplication Inline, block-level deduplication
Monitoring DTrace Analytics (for system tuning and debugging); dashboard monitoring for key system performance metrics, plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Controller 1.0
Automated serviceability "Phone Home" capability with automatic case creation, configurable alerts
RAID Striping, mirroring, triple-mirroring single-parity RAID, double-parity RAID, triple-parity RAID, wide stripes
Remote management HTTPS, SSH, SNMP v1/v2c, IPMI
Snapshots Read only, restore, Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Support (VSS)
Directory services NIS, AD, LDAP
Data security Checksum data and metadata, antivirus quarantine
Network services NTP, DHCP, SMTP
Backup NDMP v3/v4, ZFS NDMP
Separately Licensed Features Details
Clones Writable snaphots
Replication 1:N, N:1, manual, scheduled, continuous

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Configurations
Storage Capacity
(Rack Units)
Write Optimized
Read Optimized
Storage 7120
Low-priced entry-level system with all software features 120 TB 2U/controller,
4U/disk shelf
96GB N N
Storage 7320
Entry-level cluster option for high availability 192 TB 1U/controller,
4/disk shelf
Up to 288GB Up to 2TB per controller Y
Storage 7420
Best price/performance 1.15 PB 3U/controller,
4U/disk shelf
Up to 1.7TB Up to 2TB per controller Y

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Specifications
7120 7320 7420
Processor 1x 4-core 2.4 GHz Intel® Xeon® Processor 2x 4-core 2.4 GHz Intel® Xeon® Processor, per controller Up to 4x 6-core 1.86 GHz or 8-core 2.0GHz Intel® Xeon® Processors per controller
Main Memory 24 GB Up to 72 GB per controller Up to 512 GB per controller
Base Configurations
Configuration options
  • 12 TB to 120 TB using high capacity (7,200 RPM) SAS-2 disks
  • Base system: 24TB (12x2 TB)
  • Supports up to 2 additional disk shelves with 24 disks each (300GB, 600GB, 1TB, or 2TB)
  • 6TB to 192 TB using either high speed (15,000 RPM) or high capacity (7,200 RPM) SAS-2 disks
  • Supports up to 4 disk shelves with 24 disks each (300GB, 600GB, 1TB, or 2TB) and optional Write optimized SSD
  • 6TB to 1.15PB using either high speed (15,000 RPM) or high capacity (7,200 RPM) SAS-2 disks
  • Supports up to 24 disk shelves with 24 disks each (300GB, 600GB, 1TB, or 2TB) and optional Write optimized SSD
Standard and Optional Interfaces
Integrated network Four 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports
Optional network connectivity Quad Gigabit Ethernet UTP; Dual 10 GigE, QDR Infiniband HCA, 8Gb FC HBA
Optional tape backup HBA Dual channel 8Gb FC HBA
Maximum ports per controller
1GbE/10GbE/IB/FC 12/2/2/4 (single only) 12/4/4/4 (Single)
8/2/2/2 (Cluster)
28/12/12/12 (single or cluster)
(standalone, non-rack system)
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F), up to 93% relative humidity, non condensing
Altitude (operating) Up to 3000m, temperature is derated by 1C per 300m of elevation above 900m
Power Consumption 1,200 W

(full controller)
760 W

(full controller)
1,485 W

(full controller)
Regulations (Meets or Exceeds the Following Requirements)
Safety UL 60950-1 2nd Ed, EN60950-1:2006 2nd Ed, CB Scheme with all country differences UL 60950-1 2nd Ed, EN60950-1:2006 2nd Ed, CB Scheme with all country differences IEC 60950, UL/CSA 60950, EN60950, CB Scheme with all country differences
RFI/EMI FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Class A, EN 55022 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 300-386
Immunity EN55024:1998+A1:2001:+A2:2003
Physical Dimensions
Height 87.12 mm (3.43 in.) 43.43 mm (1.71 in.) 129.85 mm (5.1 in)
Width 425.45 mm (16.75 in.) 425.5 mm (16.75 in.) 436.5 mm (17.2 in.)
Depth 762.0 mm (30.0 in.) 685.8 mm (30.0 in.) 732 mm (28.8 in.)
Weight 29.54 kg (65 lbs.) 16.36 kg (36 lbs) 38.5 kg (85 lbs) max

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