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SkillBuilders Senior Developer and Instructor Dan McGhan will present at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010.

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Dan McGhan at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010

June 27–July 1, Washington, D.C.
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Dan will be presenting several times at the upcoming ODTUG Kaleidoscope event. This event promises to be one of the most exciting yet as APEX 4 will be the focus of many presentations. The event will run from June 27th through July 1st in Washington D.C. Look out for Dan in the following:

Sunday Symposium - APEX A to Z

Description: This year's Sunday APEX Symposium will take on bit of a different twist. We're going to follow the development of a single system from data model to deployment, each session focusing on a different aspect of the development process. Topics covered will include: Data Model/Foundation, Application Development, Dynamic Actions/Plugins, Performance and Tuning , User Interface , Printing , Security, and Globalization.

Each session will use the foundation that is build by the previous ones, but will be a self contained lesson. This way you can see the things that are most important to you without the fear of missing something from a previous session. Although we hope you'll stay with us for the entire symposium.

How Dan's involved: Dan will handle the "Dynamic Actions/Plugins" part of the development effort. Keep an eye out for some interesting plugins that could change the way you develop applications.

Plugin Showcase - Take 5 NEW APEX Plugins Home as Souvenirs!

Description: The new plugin architecture is probably one of the most exciting features to be announced for APEX 4.0, allowing anyone to create extensions to the core APEX framework. In this session we'll showcase 5 useful plugins that we've created from scratch, discuss the ideas behind them and how they were created. As a souvenir, you'll get to take all of them home, learn from how they were coded and use them in your 4.0 applications.

How Dan's involved: Dan has developed a plugin that aims to simplify the complex task of scheduling events. Take the plugin home and put it to use immediately!

JavaScript in APEX - A Lesson for the PL/SQL Developer

Description: Oracle Application Express developers often have strong backgrounds in SQL and PL/SQL, but JavaScript is another story. However, JavaScript is a very important part of any well-built Web 2.0 application. In this session, explore JavaScript through a comparison of the language to PL/SQL and SQL���both similarities and differences. Throughout the session, learn techniques to write code that is easy to maintain, profile, and deploy.

How Dan's involved: This is Dan's solo performance... If you're a PL/SQL developer that's looking to transition into the web with APEX make sure to attend this session and avoid some of the headache that could otherwise occur. Learn more by visiting the site at Look forward to seeing you there!