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Why choose SkillBuilders to provide your training?

Why should I buy SkillBuilder I.T. training instead of another vendor?

There are many compelling reasons:
Here are four.....

  • Competence. We've been teaching Java and Oracle since 1996. XML, Web Services, Frameworks shortly after each was introduced to the industry. We've taught thousands of students in hundreds of locations around the world. Our instructors are recognized Technical Experts in their respective field; authors, experienced trainers and expert practitioners. You will know your instructor and his or her credentials before your purchase your training. We will provide references, testimonials and biographies. We encourage you to call us and speak with your instructor about your specific goals before you purchase your training.
  • Customization. For classes hosted by our customers, we will tailor the class to your specific needs, usually at no extra cost. We encourage a pre-class conference with your technical lead and our instructor to tailor the class.
  • Flexibility. Need to split the students into morning and afternoon sessions to ensure coverage? No problem. Need to mix online training with in-classroom (i.e. blended learning)? We will arrange it. Need to split the training across several weeks? We can make this happen. We will work with you to find a solution to your budget and scheduling challenges.
  • Administration. We've been doing this for a long time. We've got it down. From discovery conferences with your staff to understand their current skills and goals, to booking, scheduling, shipping and conducting the class, Gary and staff will insure everything goes smoothly. If an issue arises we handle it. If you call, we actually answer the phone.

Do you offer a course I can review before deciding?

We have dozens of recorded tutorials you can review at any time (free registration required).

Do you have student comments I can see?

Yes, click here.

What type of training do you offer?

We offer the following modes of instruction:

  • Instructor-led, onsite classroom - Our larger customers often choose this option since they have more than one or two students to train and they have classroom facilities available.
  • Instructor-led, online classroom - See our calendar of classes.
  • Free Online, self-study tutorials - See the list above.