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Oracle Database Security Administration Training
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Class

Completely updated for Oracle Database 12c!  (Backward compatible to 11g.)

Learn the security features built into the Oracle database in this hands-on class. This includes Standard Edition facilities, also facilities available only with Enterprise Edition licences and with EE options. Most of the activities require use of command line utilities. As with all SkillBuilders courses, this class (if conducted at your company facilities) is highly customizable to your specific training requirements.

Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 40% of the training.

Register online (or call (888) 803-5607 / 001 401 783 6172 outside U.S.) please call to have this course customized and delivered at your organization.

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Oracle Certified Master
John Watson

This course is reasonably equivalent to Oracle Database 12c: Security from Oracle University and the 11g version of the course. The class will prepare you to pass the Security Certified Implementation exam.  Call to discuss your training plan with John!

Average Student Rating:
  • Standards and risks: assessing the need
  • Developing a security policy
  • Multi-layered security: defence in depth
  • Selecting a security solution
  • SQL injection
  • Operating system authentication
  • Password authentication
  • Proxy authentication
  • The external password store
  • External authentication methods
  • Direct system and object privileges
  • Grouping privileges into roles
  • Dynamic enabling and disabling of roles
  • The PL/SQL privilege model
  • Database links
  • Application contexts
  • Row level security
  • Access to the server file system with PL/SQL
  • Access to network facilities with PL/SQL
  • Use of Scheduler external jobs
  • Programmatic data encryption
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Encrypting exports
  • Encrypting redo and backups
  • The Data Masking Pack
  • Data redaction
  • Transparent Sensitive Data Protection
  • Encrypting network traffic
  • Access control with Oracle Net
  • The Connection Manager
  • Auditing users, privileges, and objects
  • Fine Grained Auditing
  • Auditing SYS activity
  • Unified auditing
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