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Oracle Grid Infrastructure Is Coming Your Way!

Resistance is Futile

1 Day Onsite or 7 Hour Online Training with Oracle Certified Master John Watson

Oracle Database 11g Grid Infrastructure (Clusterware and ASM) Release 2 combined with Real Application Clusters provide amazing scalability, stability and flexibility for enterprise database management. However, it also introduces new concepts, complexities and a possible paradigm shift for an organizations DBA's and System/Storage Administrators.

You will learn what Grid Infrastructure is and see how it works.  You will learn the technology stack options, and give you an opportunity to discuss how best to implement it in conjunction with (or as a replacement for) operating system provided facilities.  John provides live demonstrations using 11g Grid Infrastructure Release 2. 

This class is very helpful preparation for Oracle Exam 1Z0-058; however, DBA's should also attend our 5-Day Hands-On Grid Infrastructure and RAC Class


IT Management, Database Administrators, System and Storage administrators.

Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
Average Student Rating:
  • The relationship between database, ASM, and clusterware
  • Use of dynamically or statically assigned IP addresses
  • Name resolution: DNS and GNS
  • The SCAN listener and node listener model
  • Shared storage technologies: SAN, NAS, and clustered file systems
  • The ASM architecture
  • ASM performance benefits
  • Optimum structure of ASM disc groups
  • The ASM Clustered File System
  • The Database File System: FUSE
  • Policy managed and administrator managed resources
  • Database performance and fault tolerance in the GI environment
  • RAC and Data Guard
  • Extended clusters
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