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Oracle Database 11g Administration I: Prep for OCA Exam 1Z0-052:
5 Day Onsite / 35 Hour Online Hands-On Training

Learn how to install, create and administer an Oracle 11g database. You will learn all the topics required to pass the Oracle OCA Exam 1Z0-052, including database architecture, installation, database creation, security, backup and recovery and much, much more. Become Oracle OCA Certified! 11g Release 2 Features are included.

Benefits of SkillBuilders 11g Administration course:

  • $750 less than Oracle University! (compare to Oracle University Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I)
  • Tips and Best Practices from an Industry Expert
  • One-to-one communication with your instructor!
  • Hands-on workshops for all lessons with solutions
  • Free 733 page Oracle Press Administration I Exam Guide book and CD
  • Free practice exams

Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
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You will learn all topics needed for the OCA Exam 1Z0-052 including:

Introduction to Oracle Server Technologies

  • Position the Oracle Product Family
  • Explain Relational Structures
  • Understand the SQL Language
  • Appreciate the DBA’s Role

Exploring the Database Architecture

  • Describe the Single-Instance Architecture
  • Explain the Memory Structures
  • Describe the Process Structures
  • Summarize the Storage Structures

Preparing the Database Environment

  • Identify the Tools for Administering an Oracle Database
  • Plan an Oracle Database Installation
  • Install the Oracle Software by Using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

Creating an Oracle Database

  • Create a Database by Using the Database Configuration Assistant

Managing the Oracle Instance

  • Describe the Stages of Database Startup and Shutdown
  • Set Database Initialization Parameters
  • Use the Alert Log and Trace Files
  • Use Data Dictionary and Dynamic Performance Views

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

  • Configure and Manage the Oracle Network
  • Use the Oracle Shared Server Architecture

Managing Database Storage Structures

  • Understand Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Create and Manage Tablespaces
  • Manage Space in Tablespaces

Administering User Security

  • Create and Manage Database User Accounts
  • Grant and Revoke Privileges
  • Create and Manage Roles
  • Create and Manage Profiles

Managing Schema Objects

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Manage Constraints
  • Create Indexes
  • Create and Use Temporary Tables

Managing Data and Concurrency

  • Manage Data Using DML
  • Identify and Administer PL/SQL Objects
  • Monitor and Resolve Locking Conflicts

Managing UndData

  • Explain the Purpose of Undo
  • Understand How Transactions Generate Undo
  • Manage Undo

Implementing Oracle Database Security

  • Database Security and Principle of Least Privilege
  • Work with Standard Database Auditing

Database Maintenance

  • Use and Manage Optimizer Statistics
  • Use and Manage the Automatic Workload Repository
  • Use the Advisory Framework
  • Manage Alerts and Thresholds

Performance Management

  • Use Automatic Memory Management
  • Use Memory Advisors
  • Troubleshoot Invalid and Unusable Objects

Backup and Recovery Concepts

  • Identify the Types of Failure That Can Occur in an Oracle Database
  • Describe Ways to Tune Instance Recovery
  • Identify the Importance of Checkpoints, Redo Log Files, and Archived Log Files
  • Overview of Flash Recovery Area
  • Configure ARCHIVELOG Mode

Performing Database Backups

  • Create Consistent Database Backups
  • Back Up Your Database Without Shutting It Down
  • Create Incremental Backups
  • Automate Database Backups
  • Manage Backups, View Backup Reports, and Monitor the Flash Recovery Area

Performing Database Recovery

  • Overview of Data Recovery Advisor
  • Use Data Recovery Advisor tPerform Recovery (Control File, RedLog File, and Data File)

Moving Data

  • Describe and Use Methods tMove Data (Directory Objects, SQL*Loader, External Tables)
  • Explain the General Architecture of Oracle Data Pump
  • Use Data Pump Export and Import tMove Data Between Oracle Databases

Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Use the Enterprise Manager Support Workbench
  • Manage Patches
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