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Oracle 11g Differences for Developers:
2 Day Onsite / 14 Hour Online Hands-On Training.

Participants will be introduced to the new and improved features of Oracle 11g that concern Application Developers. Several exercises involve practice using new items discussed in the class. Objectives include:

  • Gain knowledge of Oracle 11g features that are geared to developers
  • Understand how existing database features have been improved in Oracle 11g
  • Become aware of some 11g DBA oriented features that will impact developers
  • Use new 11g SQL features, functions, and analytic  functions
  • Add Virtual Columns to table definitions when appropriate
  • Improve XML performance using Binary XML, XMLIndex, and securefile
  • Create code using new 11g PL/SQL features and data types
  • Take advantage of the 11g SQL Results Cache features and PL/SQL Results Cache
  • Improve application maintainability with new 11g Trigger features
  • Understand Oracle 11g integration features with Java, Microsoft .NET, and PHP
  • Be able to discuss Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) and its benefits
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Introduction to Oracle 11g

  • iSqlPlus and SQLPLUSW gone
  • SQL*Plus
  • SQL Developer
  • Virtual Columns
    • Computer Exercise: Using Virtual Columns


  • Oracle XML DB Review
  • Binary XMLTYPE features
  • XMLType index
  • LOB Securefile
    • Computer Exercise: Working with XML Data

SQL Pivot/Unpivot

  • New SQL Functions
  • Overview of Cube Organized Materialized Views
    • Computer Exercise: Using New SQL Features

New Analytic Functions

    • Computer Exercise: Analytic Functions

Recursive Subquery

  • Comparison to CONNECT
    • Computer Exercise: Using Recursive Subqueries

Executable External Directory Objects

  • Read-only Tables
  • Invisible Indexes
  • Data Pump "Legacy Mode"
    • Optional Computer Exercise: Using New DBA-ish 11g Features

Results Cache

  • Oracle support for Results Cache
    • Computer Exercise: Working with the Results Cache

PL/SQL Results Cache

  • PL/SQL compiler enhancement
    • Computer Exercise: Using PL/SQL Results Cache

Trigger improvements

  • Compound Triggers
  • Trigger FOLLOWS
    • Computer Exercise: Trigger Improvements

New PL/SQL datatypes

  • Assign sequence numbers in PL/SQL
    • Computer Exercise: New PL/SQL Features

Mixed-Parameter CALL

Pro*C/C++ and Pro*COBOL Improvements

New JDBC driver support Java 5 (1.5) & 6

Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio Support

PHP Enhancements

Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR)

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