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Oracle 12c SQL Tuning - Core Skills for Beginners
1 Day Onsite or 7 Hour Online Training

Writing SQL that performs well means understanding what Oracle is doing to the SQL: how it is executing the code, and why it is executing it that way. Then make changes needed to let Oracle run the code in a more efficient manner. This course will show you how to capture and read the execution plans, and how to detect and fix the common problems that prevent code from running well.

In just one day, we will empower you: your SQL will never be the same again.

This class is a combination of lecture, live demonstrations and brief hands-on workshops.  Each student will receive, in addition to Oracle SQL Performance Tuning and Optimization (Meade), Oracle Certified Master John Watson's scripts and slides used during class.

If you prefer a more in-depth, broader coverage of SQL Tuning, consider our 3-Day SQL Tuning Class

John Watson
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Familiarity with basic SQL statements and with SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, Toad or similar SQL query tool

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