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Oracle ASM Clustered File System Administration Training (ASM / ACFS)
2 Day Onsite or 14 Hour Online Hands-On Training

Learn Oracle Automatic Storage Management and ASM Clustered File System administration with Oracle Certified Master John Watson.

In this class Oracle Certified Master John Watson will teach you how to install, configure and manage Oracle (ASM) and the Oracle Clustered File System (ACFS).  This class is not "death by powerpoint"!  This is a fully instructor-led class with demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

ASM / ACFS is much more that a storage platform for Oracle databases: it can also replace third party file servers and clustered file systems, acting as a highly available and fault tolerant storage medium that can be used by any application.  Learn why ASM and Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) are so important for performance and reliability of Oracle systems and how to exploit their capabilities to the full and why ASM is the best performing storage option available for Oracle Databases.

This course is designed for 11g and 12c database environments.

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Average Student Rating:

Oracle Database administration and / or System (Storage) administration experience.  Volume and File system management experience is helpful but not essential.  If you are unsure if you meet the prerequisites for this class call instructor John Watson to discuss. 

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