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Advanced Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming
Two Day Onsite / 14 Hour Online Hands-On Training.

Oracle PL/SQL developers will learn to use advanced features enabling improved programming and enhanced performance.

Upon successful completion of this course, class attendees should, with the aid of appropriate documentation be able to:

  • Use advanced features of Oracle-supplied packages to enrich applications
  • Maximize performance of PL/SQL through design and tuningUse Oracle object features including User-Defined Types, Nested Tables,Varrays, REFs, and Object Views via PL/SQL
  • Use advanced data handling functionality including collections and bulk bind
  • Know when dynamic SQL may be used to improve performance or functionality
  • Create PL/SQL that uses external applications and the operating system
  • Design and use PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions, and triggers to maximize performance
  • Become aware of PL/SQL's new features and how to use them
  • Use XML from PL/SQL
Average Student Rating:

Working Oracle PL/SQL experience of at least six months or completion of “Oracle PL/SQL for Developers” (or equivalent) course

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