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Oracle 12c New Features Training

New Features for Administrators

4 Day Onsite or 28 Hour Online Hands-On Class w/ Oracle Certified Master John Watson

includes demos of 12.2 features, time and interest permitting.

Release 12c of the Oracle database includes many features that will make the DBA's life easier and improve service for his or her users. There are also facilities that will reduce the need for hardware, licenses, and administration resources. And of course the potential for spectacular performance improvements.

In this class Oracle Certified Master John Watson will teach you the new features of Oracle 12c with many demonstrations and hands-on exercises, concentrating on those relevant to the DBA and also including some of interest to developers. There is minimal use of graphical tools (though Enterprise Manager Database Express is of course included). Students should be familiar with 10g or 11g database and instance architecture.

Particular emphasis is placed on techniques for configuring a 12c database for self-tuning and management. Most exercises and demonstrations use command line utilities, but EM Express is also available.

"Just wanted to say thank-you for the training.  Been at Acxiom 18 years come October.  And that was the best Oracle training I've received."

"The course provided WAY more information and training than I expected, and was well worth the time and expense."

Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
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