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Introduction to Oracle 11g for Experienced Developers and DBA's:
3 Day Onsite / 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training.

In this class you will quickly learn how to build applications and / or support an Oracle database.  This course is designed for developers, analysts and persons working towards being an Oracle DBA who have experience with a relational database (e.g. Sybase, DB2 or SQL Server) but are new to Oracle. This course leverages your existing knowledge of relational concepts and SQL to quickly get you started working with the Oracle database.  Your instructor will not waste your time covering basics such as simple SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT statements. 

You will receive a comprehensive foundation of knowledge in Oracle SQL extensions (subquery factoring, regular expressions, flashback query, etc), Oracle datatypes, Oracle functions, Oracle schema objects, Oracle utilities and the common developer / administration tools, SQL*Plus and SQL Developer.  Developers will be prepared to begin work in an Oracle environment.  Administrators will be prepared for out Oracle 11g Database Administration course.

As with all of our courses, this class is highly customizable to your specific training requirements (when delivered at you company facility).  Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 50% of the class.

This class will fully prepare you for Oracle Exam 1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert.

Compare to Oracle University course Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL SkillBuilders course is:

  • More complete in breadth and depth of subjects covered.
  • Less expensive.
  • Shorter: only 3 days (28 hours online) versus 5 days for the Oracle University course.
  • Taught by an experienced instructor you can talk to before enrolling in class.
Average Student Rating:

Hands-On experience with a relational database such as MS SQL Server, Sybase or DB2.  Some relational database experience is required.  Previous experience with Oracle is not required.

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