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SkillBuilders Oracle PL/SQL Programming Workshop:
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This class will teach you how to write efficient and scalable PL/SQL programs to create database-intensive PL/SQL applications. You will learn the critical and fundamental aspects of PL/SQL language.

Learning how to create efficient, scalable PL/SQL programs is an important objective of this course. To meet that objective, the course includes instruction on such things as the proper use of bind variables, bulk processing, pipelining, benchmarking different formulations of a routine and profiling PL/SQL programs to identify the code that should be tuned.

Enrollment includes this Great O'Rielly text book "Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices". 

Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 50% of the class.

For customer-site training, as with all of our courses, this class is highly customizable to your specific training requirements.

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Some programming skills are required to benefit from this class. (We will not teach you the basics of programming such as logic flow and conditional logic.  We will, however, teach you how to do it efficiently in PL/SQL.)

Experience with SQL and SQL*Plus is required.

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