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Oracle 12c New Features Training

New Features for Administrators

4 Day Onsite or 28 Hour Online Hands-On Class w/ Oracle Certified Master John Watson

includes demos of 12.2 features, time and interest permitting.

Release 12c of the Oracle database includes many features that will make the DBA's life easier and improve service for his or her users. There are also facilities that will reduce the need for hardware, licenses, and administration resources. And of course the potential for spectacular performance improvements.

In this class Oracle Certified Master John Watson will teach you the new features of Oracle 12c with many demonstrations and hands-on exercises, concentrating on those relevant to the DBA and also including some of interest to developers. There is minimal use of graphical tools (though Enterprise Manager Database Express is of course included). Students should be familiar with 10g or 11g database and instance architecture.

Particular emphasis is placed on techniques for configuring a 12c database for self-tuning and management. Most exercises and demonstrations use command line utilities, but EM Express is also available.

"Just wanted to say thank-you for the training.  Been at Acxiom 18 years come October.  And that was the best Oracle training I've received."

"The course provided WAY more information and training than I expected, and was well worth the time and expense."

Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
Average Student Rating:
Vishal Patel State of North Dakota
[What did you particularly like about the course?] cdb, pdb , sql, ado, partitioning, audit , security , performance , memory, utility

Martin Lundblad State of North Dakota
instructor is very good and clear

Anju Gandhi
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The way John makes the most complicated topic seem so simple. Also, I particularly liked the emphasis on reading the SQL plans. Not to mention, the format was very good, as John covered the before 12c part and then mentioned the 12c changes. Very helpful and great way to transition.

Peiwen Zhu Visa
GoToTraining works great for this online course.

John is really knowledgeable, and passionate about the topic. Great instructor!

Course is great.

Tim Tucker
content, presentation was great.

[Suggestions for improvement of the course] more time to work on Lab Exercises and exploit issues but not to take away any time from insturctor presentation, questions and answer time.

Bart Oles Acxiom
Nothing to improve. It was great course.

Professor attitude and his great technical skills.

Gregory Webber Acxiom Corporatoin
I couldn't suggest a way to improve the course, the instructor, the material, the labs were all great...

I liked John's presentation skills, very clear, he knew the material inside out, and he encouraged us to participate often...

[your suggestions for improvement of the course.] no it's already outstanding.

Carol Thor Acxiom, Corp
Provide more details in the course materials Provide results & answers in the exercise material

John's level of knowledge and expeirence.

Bjorn Lindstrom Acxiom Corporation
My only suggestion would be to have the exercises available on the cloud servers, to reduce headaches from typo's.

Instructor took his time, used appropriate technology that allowed himself to be clearly heard and understood. Did not rush, took time to answer questions, and was overall quite an excellent presenter.

Other whan what is noted in question 12, nothing. It was an excellent course, and much better than I expected it to be.

Barry Crane
Hands on was great.

Steven Edwards
John kept engaging us and encouraging us to respond even though we were remote.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] The practical examples and real-world experience passed on to us. The in depth knowledge of John and how he kept the course moving and covered additional information

Chris McWilliams Acxiom
I was in both the classroom and online for the latter part of the course. John is very engaging in both formats and worked hard to answer any question we had. I can't think of any aspect I'd like to have been done differently.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] The course material was more than adequate, but what makes a course when being presented is the presenter. John was enthusiastic, and knew the material well.

I wish the books were a bit larger, I took so many notes, I often ran out of room on the pages.

Harvey Jefferson Acxiom Corporaton
The instructor was very good and knowledgeable

June Wang Acxiom Corp
The instructor is very good.

Sam Fulkerson Acxiom Corp.
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The tunning insights and the half-day schedule.

Having the on-line meeting window accessible an hour earlier at the very beginning of the course to ensure participants have everything setup and working for audio, video, vnc, putty, etc.

Lauri Brown Acxiom Corporation
The instructor REALLY knew the material. On the RARE occasion he was stumped he was humble enough to say "I'm not sure, but here's what you could try/test out" and he'd help us through a bit of research and testing. AWESOME!! The test environment was well prepared in advance. This allowed us to spend a lot of time working through the exercises and questions. Hardly anytime was wasted on "oops, that's not setup".

I really liked the pace...10 four-hour days. It allowed me to keep up with daily responsibilities so I could focus on class during that time. I think you all usually do 5 eight-hour days for this course, but this is too much information

Bernie Simpson Acxiom
Excellent class! John did a great job of covering the material. The lab exercises at the end of each section reinforced what was covered in that section. John’s enthusiasm and expert experience with Oracle made this an excellent class! I have 16 years of experience as an Oracle DBA and I would recommend this class to anyone from entry level to senior DBA.

Arien Lee Acxiom
Instructor was very knowledgeable, and personable. Was willing to test concepts brought up by students and demonstrate the behind the scenes functioning.

Very solid course. No improvement needed.

Jill Venskus Acxiom Corp
The demos and exercises were very helpful in demonstrating the concepts, much more so that lecture alone. The level detail in the exercises was good. Hands-on helps me learn better.

Debbie Adams Brunswick Corp.
I liked the [online] format.


David Smith Georgia College
GoToTraining needs more icons for response and emotions.

Great instructor.

Ken Smith New Tech Training
The instructor! He explained each topic/feature completely, he had excellent demos, added real life experiences to help reinforce the subject. He had both 11g and 12c systems running and demonstrated the differences for features that had changed. This was one of the best technical classes I have EVER attended.

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