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Intermediate Java and OO Development
5 Day Onsite or 35 Hour Online Hands-On Training.

Intermediate Java and OO Development is a fast paced course suitable for programmers with some previous experience in working with Java and Object-Oriented (OO) programming (equivalent to taking ourGentle Java course). It includes a short review of basic Java concepts, and then moves on to a comprehensive coverage of more advanced topics in Java and OO programming to provide participants with a strong grounding in using Java in a sophisticated and productive manner.

This course goes well beyond the basics of Java and OO programming and covers important topics such as composition, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces and exceptions, which are all key to creating well-structured OO systems using Java. After coverage of these important areas, it moves on to more advanced topics such as JDBC (for database access), the Java Collections Framework - including the generics capabilities introduced in Java 5, Java I/O, assertions, inner classes, and the reflection API. Finally it covers useful tools for day-to-day programming such as ant, JUnit and various logging frameworks.

This course covers far more than an introductory course, and provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to use Java's advanced capabilities in a more sophisticated manner. It teaches a number of useful techniques that enhance productivity and good system design - which Java programmers may otherwise take years to absorb on their own.

This course is suitable for environments using Java 5, or Java 6. All labs are doable in any of the supported Java environments. The course is fast-paced and interesting. Be prepared to work hard and learn a great deal! The course can be held on-site & customized to fit your needs.

All labs are done with the Eclipse IDE Java EE version, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for using it.


  • Review Java language basics
  • Review using composition and delegation to create objects from other objects
  • Review inheritance and polymorphism
  • Understand interfaces, their importance, and their uses
  • Use interfaces to implement abstraction
  • Understand & use exceptions for error handling
  • Understand the basics of using JDBC, and use it to access databases from Java
  • Use the Java 2 Collections Framework (including use of Java Generics)
  • Understand and use basic I/O streams
  • Understand and use Java assertions
  • Learn how to write and use Inner Classes
  • Be familiar with and use Java reflection
  • Understand and use ant and ant buildfiles
  • Understand test-driven development, and use JUnit for testing Java programs
  • Be familiar with Java logging (especially log4j) and use it in your programming
Average Student Rating:
Ricardo Da Breau Goldman Sachs & Co

GT Hng Goldman Sachs
Good, thorough general overview of Java concepts.

Nadir Akram Goldman Sachs & Co.
liked availibility of the instructor for discussion.

more lab intensive

Peter Huang Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Hands-on workshops.

Set the bar higher for previous Java knowledge.

Jonathan Graham Goldman Sachs
Good breadth

Yasuhiro Ito Goldman Sachs
Workshop - I could learn about JAVA by participating the development of some applications.

Brett Hannah Goldman Sachs
Detailed workshops.

Yuan Li Goldman Sachs (Japan)
I liked doing the exercise.

Defina Maluki GS
workshops overall topics covered.

stacy norton geapital-sfg
i think the instructor was good.

Brian Yovine GE Capital - SFG
good pace

Anne McDowell GE Capital
well organized...

more examples - if time permits perhaps have them in the handouts

Kevin Robillard GE Capital SFG
[What did you particularly like about the course?] content and understanding of the peices

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