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Practical Java Language Topics

1 Day Onsite or 7 Hour Online Class and Hands-On Training.

The Java platform has many powerful capabilities to help developers in the day to day tasks of creating good software systems. Some of this are built into the langauge, and some are separate tools that have become widely adopted because of their usefulness.

This one day course looks at the following three tools that can be of enoromous help to programmers that are writing Java systems:

  • ant: A Java-based build tool that uses XML configuration files to control the build
  • JUnit: A testing framework that simpleifies writing and maintaing test code. This course uses JUnit 4, and the Java 5 annotations associated with it.
  • Logging with log4J, Commons Logging, or Java logging: Logging packages that make logging efficient and easy to use

These technologies are very powerful, yet it is easy to learn the basics in a very short time. This one day course provides those basics, and gives programmers the experience necessary to use these tools to be more productive and create better software systems.

All labs can be done with the Eclipse IDE or a simple editor, and the lab instructions include detailed directions on both environments.

Skills Gained:

  • Understand how ant and buildfiles work
  • Use ant to control a build; create buildfiles
  • Be familiar with testing and test-driven development
  • Use JUnit to create good testing structures for your Java code
  • Be aware of the different logging choices available in Java
  • Use the most popular Java logging frameworks to create good logging structures
Average Student Rating:
Satoshi Kimijima Goldman, Sachs (Japan) Ltd.
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Overview of latest java technologies.

Han Cheng Liang Goldman Sachs
What did you particularly like about the course?] The broad overviews and historical development of technology that I didn't have a chance to learn in the past.

Peter Huang Goldman, Sachs & Co.
[What did you particularly like about the course?] That it provided a high-level overview of enterprise computing concepts, and a comparison between Sun ONE and Microsoft .NET.

Momoko Ono Goldman Sachs
[What did you particularly like about the course?] explanation of the entire technology world gave me a good view on it.

Shehzad Nabi Goldman Sachs
It was interesting course and was not boring at all, despite the fact most of the areas were already known to me.

I would suggest to improve the course by extending it over a couple of days and touch more closely to subjects such as XML and other technologies.

Mark Endleman Goldman Sachs International
- Covered leading edge tech - Included brief history/timeline - Instructor was very good and easy to listen to

Matt Brooke-Smith
Clarity of presentation.

Noah Chinitz Goldman Sachs
Perhaps go a little quicker instead of trying to explain some topics in multiple ways. Perhaps this is constructive criticism for the instructor.

Mark Bartolome Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Gave a good, concise overview of enterprise technology.

Jonathan Graham Goldman Sachs
Gave a good overview of the environment

Brett Hannah Goldman Sachs
Good general overview.

Sriram Kannan Goldman Sachs
The simple layout touching upon the rudimentary conecepts.

Hideo Sato Goldman, Sachs & Co.
I liked that the instructor was so energetic. I could be interested in his talking.

Defina Maluki GS
The instructor was enthusiastic and very engaging

Christoforos Christoforou Goldman Sachs
Went into details which was usefull for different technologies which I didnt already know.

None it was as good as I could envisage.

Alvin Mai Goldman Sachs
The class was taught at a good pace

Frances Uku Goldman Sachs
Perhaps more hands-on application of some of the concepts - I'm a developer, show me code and I'm happy.

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