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Advanced Oracle Application Express 5 (APEX) Training
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

In this course you will learn how to approach fine tuning your application to meet pixel perfect visual requirements. We will explore how to manually process forms both standard and tabular. We will discuss error management as well as debugging techniques using SQL/Developer integration. We will also build and consume RESTful web services using the declarative framework provided by APEX. Lastly we will look at performance concerns and common pitfalls and how to avoid them. This course is intended for a seasoned APEX developers who can very easily navigate the environment and component attributes.

"Demos were very thorough, Many topics covered, but with plenty of detail. Tyson is awesome"

"The teacher was very helpful and he really knew his material. Excellent teacher."


Tyson Jouglet
Average Student Rating:
hailin tang FDA
everything was well prepared and delivered as expected

Ade Adekoya SG Gaming
Course instructors enthusiasm

Ivan Kmetovic Allianz Zagreb d.d.
This GoToTraining software worked quite well.

I like workshops, especially about collections and manual tabular forms. I think examples like these are very useful for concept understanding. I like when instructor provides some real life examples, links and tools.

Jane Yan smc
Tyson is awesome!

Alice Gheorghiu Santa Monica College
Presentation of the course by Tyson, the patience and clarity.

Due to the amount of material the pace was pretty fast. Maybe allow for 1/2 hour or so at the beginning of the course to set up the environment and get familiar with the tool/topic presented.

Brian Pena Santa Monica College
The instructor was awesome -- incredibly knowledgeable!

Require more time between offering intermediate and advanced (even if it is at the client's request.) Then less time will be spent helping those who have fallen behind. Also, allow more time fro the class as a whole.

Rick Nickerson LGBS
The presenter is very good. The topics were right on.

Ying Shi STRS Ohio
The instructor answered every student's question clearly and completely.

Could include more programming skills.

armando plascencia nbc/comcast
nope everything was great. It would be helpful to have each session broken down as opposed to one recording per day.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] examples code for procedural tabular forms. I would love a code repository of javascript, css for integration into future projects.

more code lol!

Heidi Marotta NOAA
No worked flawlessly for me.

Small class size. Instructor knowledgebase.

Craig Walker Telstra
It is great that Tyson says his actions as he does them, otherwise it is difficult to work out which thing was clicked.

Mick Wells
[suggestions for improving?] No, very well done.

Trainer was very knowledgeable and paced content well.

Craig Cosijn Telstra
[suggestions for improving?] The software delivery techniques were great.

I liked that the course was customisable to our needs. Very helpful.

Because the course was so customisable, it met all of our needs.

Adam Townsley Telstra
Knowledgeable trainer. Covered a few topics I was weak on or not previously exposed to.

David Dowdle Telstra
Combination of presented material and workshops worked well for me.

Lorena Benipayo Telstra
all good. connection is clear. instructor is engaging and workshops are effective.

discussion and workshop on dynamic actions

Ben Skurka Telstra
The level of knowledge and extra items around the edge of the subject matter. The instructors presentation skills and technical knowledge skills were fantastic and really made the course enjoyable.

More workshops where the instructor leads the class.

Norm Payn Telstra
Concise and well paced.

trainees should all be of roughly the same skill level

Robert Nial Telstra
Tyson was very knowledgeable and encouraging - no question was "stupid" he encouraged every one to feel comfortable asking questions.

Michael Sierra Telstra
all good...

the examples and course

[What did you particularly like about the course?] learn a lot of things I have not seen in my self-taught

Jakub Kircun NOAA
[do you have suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] I actually liked the software, no need to install anything and my screen was easily shared. In other words I don't have any suggestions.

My class was fairly small which was nice

[suggestions for improvement] Overall it was very good, but the course has a lot of information, and so more time would be nice.

Brian Hopper Marshall University Foundation
Covered a lot of advanced APEX capabilities

Razvan Iliescu
The instructor went deep to every detail of the workshops.

Mar Castro US Navy
It gives me more knowledge other than what I already know.

[suggestions for improvement of the course?] Spend more time on templates and layout.

Andrew Scott The Sherwin-Williams Company
Very interactive and informative.

Kostatin Bojovic Sherwin Williams
Slides/notes are a good source for later reference

Jasna Klenjoska Sherwin Williams
The teacher was very helpful and he really knew his material. Excellent teacher.

Jeff Kobe
Demos were very thorough, Many topics covered, but with plenty of detail. Tyson is awesome

Mein Petsche Sherwin-Williams
very detail instructions ... Nice!

[suggestions for improvement of the course.] Need more than just 2 days ... maybe extend this to 3 days

Daniel Prudhoe Sherwin Williams
I like that the topics covered allow the developer to better understand the customization of logic and design the tool is capable of. It allowed me to determine areas of deeper focus for further study.

Marcelino Ramos LA County - Dept of Children & Family Services
[What did you particularly like about the course?] the extent and detail of instructor's explanations regarding questions.

maybe offer a 4 or 5 day class to cover more concepts in detail.

Omar Rivera DCFS
Include course handouts for step-by-step workshops.

Calvin Hoang DCFS
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The discussion on our real world problems and possible solutions from the course's material and from the instructor's experience.

Instructor answered questions thoroughly

Calvin Chu
recorded video is a great option. hopefully there is not a deadline for us to see these recorded training video..we may not need all sessions of training for now, but may need them in the it would be nice to come back to review these recorded video.

Gary Jackson CMC
Great instructor. Very knowledgeable [Tyson Jouglet]

Larry Koss EPA
The instructor took time to help and step through questions. The instructor was exceptional and did an outstanding job. I definitely will recommend this training to others.

Ade Adekoya Norla Consulting
The on-line Software achieved the delivery of content.

Enthusiasm of the instructor and technical knowledge.

Michael Wise Department of Defense
[ suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] recommend using 2 screens. sometimes it was difficult to follow along and having to minimize and maximize screens or shrinking screen size was a pain.

working with files and data loading

John Cottengim Department of Defense
[suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] No. the delivery technology worked very well.

Showed me features of APEX I had never used before.

Aram Mardikian
The delivery method was very good.

The presentation was very well done. The Instructor was very well versed in the subject matter.

Daniel Odonnell SWGAS
Everything worked as expected I wish I had a second monitor.

I liked that the instructor completely understands the subject matter and liked that he included future features in version 5.

Ozzy Palacios Votec
The presenter [Tyson Jouglet] is top notch.

Hung Ta University of Illinois at Chicago
[suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] I would have liked to try to create a plugin

All the topics were very helpful

Andrew Young Votec
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Tyson

Eoin Mullally
Tyson really knows his stuff. I think the layout of the course was very good but just probably required a little more time.

Paul Donohoe
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Learning about collections. Tyson's delivery style. Very good. Knew his stuff and was always open to questions.

Amanda Scott City of Chattanooga
The instructor [Tyson Jouglet] was amazing!

Michael O'Donovan VHI
Presenter was a very good communicator and gave time to every question asked.

[suggestions for improvement of the course] Perhaps a video link to the presenter.

Paul Dwan VHI Healthcare
Instructor was excellent and course was very interesting.

John Martin Sherwin Williams
instructor is very personable and presents material very clearly

Weston Devers Sherwin Williams
It was very informative and expanded on my knowledge of APEX and Oracle.

The class was very good.

Zachary Hudock
The course covered a wide variety of topics and features of APEX, in detail

Shaina Mancini Sherwin Williams
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The best practices

Mike VanDuyne Sherwin-williams
[What did you particularly like about the course?] instructor

Troy Natanieliem Nayotech
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The time of the courses fit to my schedules.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] collections, tabular forms, subscriptions, plugins, dynamic actions


Jeff Wells State of NH
... the format was great

Showed some advanced portions of the product that I was not aware of. It helped tremendously to see someone else use APEX and discuss it since I work primarily alone with the tool.

Aimee Schimmel
[I liked] The content covered.

CJ Messick DTSI
[i particularly liked ] The class size was small and we did manage to get to the jQUERY stuff

[improvements] There was an awful lot of material to cover in a mere 20 thinks that limit is only realistic if there are no questions...and there were a LOT of questions.

Hansjoerg Graesslin wega Informatik AG
[suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] none pretty good

Michael Jondle United States Department of Agriculture
Patrick, again, has done a very good job at presenting the material for this course. He's very good with the student questions that are asked and seems to be pretty excited with the software overall which makes learning from him a pleasure.

I liked the information on collections as that's something I will need to be doing with my project that wasn't discussed in the intro course. I enjoy working with APEX (when I know what I'm doing) and the course material was able to show me some more advanced things that I will need for configuring what my clients need.

I'm not sure what could improve at this time... Patrick explained everything sufficiently and his demos were well planned. He was able to answer most any questions that came along.

Kamal Chellappa Virginia State Police
No Issues with Online Software.

Instructors Knowledge, Exposure and Experience in APEX. Lot of his Side Trips are really helped.

The Should cover some workshops to show how to link Javascript and jquery functions. Not requried to be on how to write Javascript or jquery but how to link with APEX.

Michael Blackwell The Sherwin-Williams Company
The delivery platform is fine, except for Friday -- there was a noticable delay on GoToMeeting, but I'm sure that's out of your control.

I really like being able to attend a class from my desk, but still interact with the instructor.

Some of the material seemed to repeat info covered in the intro class. I would've preferred more time for things like the "Dynamic Actions Deep Dive" that Patrick provided on Friday.

Helen Kudrna-Murzin LHN
[improvements?] THtte course already has good structure

Perfect presentations of Patrick Cimolini. Instructor has very deep knowledge and understanding of the APEX, was sharing his experience.

Clyde Ulmer FDA
The navigation and layout topics were extremely useful, and Patrick was a first-class presenter -- knowledgeable and effective.

[improvements] Provide weights/times of topics before class, so we could make better suggestions to instructor with respect to needs and emphasis on the topics.

Vitaliy Vaysfeld SCVWD
Everything was perfect

good selected topic, convenient schedule

More attention to javascript and CSS usage

Chris Freeman IRCS, Inc
course content, other attendees presented a diverse background made for good questions.

Shane Walker IRCS Inc.
The security talks as well as some of the more complex form creations.

Laura Hayes Polk County BoCC
The workshops needed to include more instructions. I was missing important steps because it was assumed I knew what to do.

Larry Rice
The hands-on exercises really helped me come to grips with the concepts.

Andreas Lindarto Union Bank
The delivery of the training is great!

Learn more about APEX

Cara Rodriguez Union Bank
[suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] Clearer instructions on Workshops

Instructor was very patient and held our interest

Marc Hoban ADS
[I liked] Section on dynamic actions and plugins. Also learned a lot more about the session state.

Eric Sprague O'Brien & Gere
No, everything worked well

Instructor was excellent -- really knew his stuff

Not sure the book was necessary

Benjamin Assa
The instructor was very knowledgable and kept the course interesting

John Lamonday BAE SYSTEMS
Liked the [online] format of the delivery very much.

The new concepts I learned.

Marcelo Burgos UBA
no, excellent transmit ions

Tracy Simonson Montana State University
I feel this was a very well taught course. Thanks very much!

I really like how well Dan knows APEX. I really learned a great deal about the session state and Advisor. I am sure there is a great deal more I could learn. I didn't even realize Advisor existed. I basically taught myself APEX about 5 years ago, have developed about 20-30 applications. When I want learn more I take the free webinars that you offer at SkillBuilders and search the web for information. Patrick Wolf's site has been very helpful.

The only thing I would suggest is to maybe have an intermediate course for the users that have taken the intro, but have not worked in APEX for very long. I felt there were some users in the course that could not get around as easily as they should have been able to in an advanced course. Giving step by step instructions in the workshops would help this and would be a great reference to go back to.

Alex Buchholz The Mitre Corporation
The instructor was great - friendly and kept me interested. I liked the tabular form module and PL/SQL module.

Jhuma Chakraborty
[particularly liked] Interactivity

[improvements] Increase course hours and also teach the concepts in depth

Anita Corradini Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
I liked the course, but I would have liked to have examples or steps for what we did in the exercises in a document so I could go back and look things up.

Alondo McClees Newport News Public Schools
The wealth of extremely technical information

Vijaya Karra
Lot of important details are involved in this course. Good to extend with one more class (another 5 hours).

Steve Stowers
[particularly liked] Eerything

[improvments] Longer

Stephanie Rodgers South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company
I liked the hands on exercises

mark pope Jacobs
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor

Cathy Farrell Boehringer Ingelheim
I thought it worked quite well.

Covered topics I know I will need.

stacy poulos uchc
Both the lecture and the hands-on workshops....

I see not need for any improvements. Dan did a great job and knows the stuff in/out.

anthony reeves BAE Systems
[What did you particularly like about the course?] the ability to share each others desktops to look at issues or questions.

David Saint Monash University
all good on this one, right pace and right content...Dan has really good diction and a great understanding of product.

Douglas Lima NBS Informatica
Nothing. Sound and image was perfect [online class]

Instructor voice and tone. I'm not american so sometimes i don't understand some people with rough voice .

Suggestion: Have classes in another languages. I have a lotta friends interesting but they don't speak english

Dennis Lordemann Montana State University Billings
When Dan is doing demo's he needs to slow down - he is clicking so quickly it is easy to get behind and then lost.

The hands on was great.

Rick Nickerson LGBS
The instructors knowledge of the material and his understanding of his audience.

Jeff White Solution Specialists, Inc.
I particularly liked that I could sit at home in shorts and a t-shirt while attending.

Eli Feuerstein Feuerstein and Associates
THe instructor was very knowledgeable and nice. We got through a good amount of material in a short amount of time. I particularly liked a couple of the late chapters, as they really applied to what I am working on.

Rob Duke Columbia Forest Products
[What did you particularly like about the course?] On-Line, half day structure.

Noli Bernal Princess Cruises
Instructor took time to answer our questions and showed examples

Beth Harrison NCTR/FDA
Information was valuable

Ann Bost Z-Tech
Everything worked great. It was very helpful that he could look at our screens and help us when we had a problem during the workshops.

Dan was very helpful answering questions, giving us information that we asked him to talk about. He was knows his stuff. He was very helpful in the workshops and made sure that we all got the desired result.

Rodolfo Rodriguez TIACA
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The knoweldge about apex and very good content.

Stuart Schmied Quintiles Transnational
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The instructer

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