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Advanced SQL Queries for Oracle 12c Databases:
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

Learn the advanced SQL skills necessary to design and code complex queries against Oracle databases. Design, code and test the most efficient query to solve a given business problem. Fully updated for Oracle 12c.

This course includes instruction on the Oracle Analytic Functions.

Free online training videos; free registration required: 
Learn to Use Oracle Analytic Functions.

Geoffrey Wiland
Average Student Rating:
Aimee Schimmel
I learned some techniques that I can use immediately in my work.

Some of the subject matter seemed like it was beginner material. Not needed in an advanced class.

Muhammad Alvi United Physicians
Every topic explained in detail

Eric Sims United Physicians
I will be able to use some new coding approaches.

Steve Thoel United Physicians
Everything about the course was very good.

Course concepts were perfect for improving upon my current SQL skill set.

Pete LoGiudice Tulane University
I was fortunate to be the only person in the class, so enjoyed the bonus of having one on one with Geoff.

Vitor Oliveira Lipor
The content and the quality of the instructor

Steven Denowski City of Fort Collins
It was an enjoyable learning experience

The course emphasis was tailored somewhat to our own needs, so any improvement would have to come from us doing a better job of defining our needs. I have no improvement suggestions.

Rachel Kimmitt City of Fort Collins
We appreciate Geoff's flexibility with the times

Douglas Burkes City of Fort Collins
I liked the relaxed atmosphere for learning and the abundance of valuable knowledge and reference material.

Jeffrey Miller
Everything was explained very well and in a way you could understand

The material was very good, some more advanced examples would be nice

Nancy Crosby Bates College
[The] one-on-one was great - know that can't be a reality generally speaking because of cost.

Kathleen Conklin USPS-OIG
[Improvements needed?] No, I thought it was excellent.

Well-organized and presented very clearly.

John Rose USDA
[Improvements needed?] digital copy of the textbook

[What did you particularly like about the course?] class size .. Geoff's presentation and depth of knowledge. enjoyed the interaction.

Jim Arnold Oracle
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The areas which the students expressed interest in were all covered. The addition subjects covered were eye opening.

Josh Wester Creighton University
The instructor [Geoff Wiland] was interested in making sure we covered the topics most relevant to us.

Maybe making it a little more interactive somehow.

Dan Pigg Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
[particularly liked] Using Perl scripts in a text field with the regexp_like() and regexp_replace)) functions.

Slow down the course material a bit.

Sandra Whiting Newfield Exploration
Workshops reinforcing the lectures.

navin ikramullah creighton university
the teacher [Geoff Wiland] was good.

Sanjay Varma SoftArt Solutions Inc.
Enthusiasm of Instructor [Geoff Wiland] and vast topics covered.

Jeff Hunt Ricoh RPPS InfoPrint Solutions
hard copy was appreciated for note taking and future reference

1/2 day sessions helped allow time for working independently to reinforce training and gave time to absorb subject without being overwhelmed

jeff eske Creighton University
no. worked well.

a few more bathroom breaks

Rosalie McInnis Sterilite Corporation
I thought everything was ok

This was my first online course and I found it to be very good. The content and delivery were exactly what I wanted.

Mark Gustafson Creighton University
I think it was well done and does not need any changes

The discussions about analytic functions ML objects and materialized views and analyticx

The course is good the way it is.

Lori Szilaski Marist College
Covered a lot of material Great Manual

Greg Williams Newport News Public Schools
[Online] Delivery was fine.

Instructor was knowledgeable.

Kim Monke siue
[Online course means] No travel!!

Kimberly McGregor National Capital Commission
[Online class] It was great - good to have phone-in and web connections in case of computer problems.

Class size was small, so time for all our questions to be answered. Good to take class with others, as can learn from other people's questions.

Anthony Pompeii
Can't think of any improvements [for this class], I was very satisfied with the format

The hands on exercises helped, and also the instructor going over them helped to make things clear

I really don't have any suggestions for improving the class - think things were good the way they were

Timothy Moriarty Grand Circle Travel
Easy to participate.

Joanne Barley National Capital Commission
The instructer was very attentive to our questions and used typical examples. I definitely walked away with helpful information that I can currently work with.

I have no suggestions for improvement as I was extremely pleased with the content and the presentation of the course.

Norma McSpadden Georgia Institute of Technology
I particularly liked the analytical functions and regular expression chapters

Kathleen Conklin USPS-OIG
Teacher explains in a very clear manner. Very enthusiastic.

Linda Johnson USPSOIG
I liked using GoToMeeting. it was easy to ask questions and get responses. The instructor knew the subject and was easy to understand.

Lisa Boike Northwestern Michigan College
That we had to to do the [hands-on] labs was what I particularly liked

Shannon Mansfield Bowhead Technology
I really liked that is was very open. Like you were sitting in a classroom.

Steve Bakaley Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
[I particularly liked] new ansi join features and regular expressions

Abu Sufian Shaikh Mohammed Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
[I particularly liked] New Techniques of writing SQLs.

Daniel Abell LBNL
The instructor was knowledgeable and presented material I can use

Steve Kessler LBNL
Add syntax of applicacable SQL in book. This would help in doing exercises.

rob macfarlane lbnl
I liked the rapid overview of oracle features

Remove the labs and instead have group discussion regarding ramifications and uses for the oracle features. I would also bring in more information regarding performance issues (both positive and negative) of the features.

Jeremy Pease LBNL
challenging labs that moved quickly, and didn't wait till everyone finished every problem.

Sally Lafferty LBNL
knowledgable instructor!

Janet Leong Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Instructor's knowledge and workshops

Henry Chen Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
I liked the coverage of SQL model query analytics bulk collect

Jonathan Dy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
[particularly like] Practices, workshop section

Anna Losev LBNL
[particularly like] new technics

Aurora Pecoraro Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
It is clear and thorough. Instructor with excellent knowledge and presentation skills.

Chuck Rinehart ConocoPhillips
The external table and XML exercises require file access to a disk space available to the Oracle server. This had not been set up. It was a first time oversite on using a cloud server for Oracle. the oracle server on the cloud itself worked fine. The Go To Meeting technology also worked fine. I phoned in so I didn't try VoIP.

Geoff is an excellent instructor and also really knows the material. These on-line lectures were as effective as other "in the room" instruction I have had.

1) Suggest that users print or copy the exercises as a separate document so they can more easily use the course book as a reference during the exercises. Flipping back and forth caused me to overlook some important information in the exercises while doing them. Or maybe I’m just getting old. 2) Consider also posting Geoff’s first lecture where he reviews the material to be presented on the course page. This was a excellent summary of the material to be presented and how the course would work.

Brian Kempf Arch Coal, Inc.
I actually really enjoyed the online course. With courses involving code, a lot of times it's hard to see the code or the presenter is forced to divide up simple statements on multiple slides. With the online presentation, you could clearly see all the code and watching Geoff's presentation really made it easier to understand what was going on. Also, when running queries against the actual database, it was easy to read.

FredErika Blatz Subaru of America
Geoff is a good instructor and explained concepts clearly. He was able to tailor instruction to our needs.

T Talda Subaru of America
Geoff is a great instructor and made the material interesting and fun.

Natalie Cox Subaru of America, Inc.
I enjoyed the fact that the course kept a steady pace and continued to build on the material previously presented.

Ruchita Sinha Subaru of America
Concise and clear

Lyudmila Abalyan Subaru of America, Inc.
Course was defined to meet our needs

Nancy Sheppard Subaru of Amercia
provided clear examples of concepts

Veronica Valdes Subaru of America
[particularly like] useful and applicable to current job responsibilities

Michael Boysen Fastenal
[particularly like] The workshops that help get a handle on what we learned.

Lisa Ratz Fastenal
[particularly like] the workshops

Andrea Spiess Fastenal
I liked the workshops after each chapter to reinforce what was discussed.

Nathan Green Fastenal
Workshops to apply what was learned.

Tomoko Lee Fastenal
[particularly liked] Exercises and workshops. Printed textbook.

Emily Adams Fastenal Company
I like how organized the information was and the delivery by the instructor.

Vinay Volety fastenal
[I liked] Breath of subject covered.

Jason McClellen Fastenal Company
[particularly liked] The material

Nicole Albee Fastenal
The labs helped make the concepts stick of the few that I did not know about.

Jaron Shook The Ohio State University, Ctr for Human Resc Rsch
Geoffrey Wiland was very enthusiastic, patient, knowledgeable and was always willing to answer questions and expand on the subject matter. Small class size was also benefit to positive interactions.

Marshall Manning OPERS
The GoToMeeting software worked very well for the information presented. There was virtually no lag and the instructor's voice was clear.

I liked that the instructor added a section to the class that was not explicitly mentioned in the course material on regular expressions.

Aside from adding regular expressions as a permanent addition to the class, I can't think of any improvement.

Wing Hsieh OPERS
I like most of the subject that cover in the course.

Stacey Tucker LexisNexis
course needs to be little longer for more detailed analysis.

Nancy Roberson NOAA
I really liked the instructor. Geoff is a terrific teacher and speaker. It is clear that he knows and is comfortable with the course material. I also liked that Geoff could jump onto my computer and help me out.

I can't think of anything [to improve]. The course was a good length, the book is helpful.

Henry Jao TeleCommunication Systems
The level of this training is just right for me. It improves my ability to do my job.

Michael Postorino First Savings
Knowledgable & helpful instructor.

Possibly expand the offering to an Intermediate class as well.

Charlotte Jansson Fulcrum Analytics
It provided the right amount of clarification of the topics. Good examples.

Vicki Phillips Eastern Illinois University
I liked the faster pace of a 2 day class versus a 3 day class. Made it easier to stay focused. I also like the current examples given in addition to the book. I am looking forward to the external table and using that in future projects.

frank kingery Eastern Illinois University
Geoff is very knowledgeable and a good instructor

Michelle Drake Eastern Illinois University
I learned the differences between a DML and DDL and the way they implicitly or explicitly commit. The Analytic functions are a great thing to know about! Geoff is a really great teacher. He really knows his stuff. I really enjoyed having him back.

Clarence Searcy Eastern Illinois University
I learned new sql techniques which could be useful.

Rhonda Nichols EIU
great presenter...knew what he was talking about and willing to deviate from schedule to discuss issues.

connie manes EIU
[I particularly liked the] Instructor

Judy Young Eastern Illinois University
My SQL skills were very limited before taking this class. After going through the class & workshops, I understand so much more.

Matthew Burack EIU
Good exposure to advanced concepts without getting bogged down in minutia.

Seemed primarily oriented towards report writing rather than overall data manipulation and analysis. That might just be a product of the subject matter itself.

Michael Hubbartt Eastern Illinois University
It was timely and practical. The exercises did not build upon a prior chapter so you can always review it later and not hold the class back if you get stuck with a given task.

Matthew Feldt Duke Clinical Research Institute
the breadth of topics was good, covering many interesting uses of sql that will be easy for me to integrate in to my daily development tasks.

would have preferred not to have received a big paper course book. electronic documents are easier to use and more environmentally friendly.

some of the sql examples could be improved, ie. to follow the instructor's suggested best practices of always qualifying table columns and some examples weren't really reflective of a practical application such as in the analytics section.

Cathy Farrell Boehringer Ingelheim
I liked the fact that you spread the course out over 4 afternoons. I was impressed at how easy it was to configure my system for the database and the online meeting.

Jeffrey Bote PSS World Medical
The workshops and the Analytical functions.

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