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Advanced Ruby on Rails
Five Day Onsite or 40 Hour Online Hands-On Training.

Advanced Ruby on Rails is a course for people who have some Ruby and Rails experience and want to go to the next level. Advanced Ruby on Rails has been developed to help you understand why things work the way they do, along with helping you develop specific skills and techniques. You won't just be repeating steps mechanically; you'll understand Rails and understand how to keep advancing!

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Routing and REST

  •  URL recognition
  •  URL generation
  •  Custom routes
  •  Named routes
  •  REST fundamentals
  •  HTTP request methods and Rails requests
  •  _url and _path named routes
  • Nested and polymorphic resources

Ruby modules, classes, and methods

  • Method lookup
  • Modules and classes
  • Singleton methods

Ruby variables in detail

  • Local, instance, class, global

Ruby built-in classes

  • Regexp, Range, File, Struct, and others

Ruby blocks, Procs, and methods

ActiveRecord optimizations

  • Eager loading
  • select and other limiters
  • Raw SQL
  • Collection proxies and laziness
  • Scoping

ActiveRecord assignments

  • Using plain attributes
  • Overriding setter methods
  •  White/black-listing columns for assignment

Advanced associations

  • what you get for free
  • non-default naming
  • polymorphic
  • embellishing with methods


  • subversion
  • capistrano
  • Vlad the Deployer
  • mongrel and mongrel clusters
  • Proxying from Apache and nginx
  • Issues in deployment


  • Unit/functional/integration
  • Acceptance testing with Selenium
  • Continuous feedback with autotest

Single-table inheritance


  • Page, action, and fragment caching

Plugins and add-ons

  • Plugin architecture
  • Writing plugins
  • Survey of useful plugins

Writing and using ad hoc library code

Exploring the Rails source code

  • Modifying and hooking into source code
  • Alias_method_chain, field_error_proc, and other hooks
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