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Solaris 11 Systems Administration
5 Day Onsite or 35 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This five-day course is designed to cover the essential administration tasks for those new to Solaris 11 systems administration. It covers all basic administration functions, with full hands-on experience at all stages.

Course Objectives

  • Control user access to Solaris 11 files and systems.
  • Control and monitor system processes.
  • Schedule system tasks using crontab.
  • Generally monitor and troubleshoot system events and performance.
  • Install Solaris 11 using the interactive installer.
  • Use IPS (Image Packaging System) to manage software packages and system updates.
  • Manage system startup and shutdown.
  • Manage system services with SMF (Service Management facility), and implement new services.
  • Start up and shut down a system.
  • Provide and manage data storage services using ZFS.
  • Configure, create and use basic Solaris zones (virtualisation).
  • Configure and manage physical network devices.
  • Manage user accounts.


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