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Backup and Recovery with Oracle Database 12c Recovery Manager (RMAN)
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This training provides a hands-on introduction to the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) utility for backup and recovery of Oracle databases. The training provides in-depth coverage of RMAN, for all releases up to 12c; RMAN architecture, installation and setup; executing RMAN commands; RMAN channels including parallel backups, manual and automatic allocation; all options for backup, restore and recovery; debugging RMAN; scripting and reporting; working with tapes; RMAN maintenance, and in-depth RMAN tuning.

"The instructor's willingness to work with us and our many questions surrounding how RMAN works with our new backup product - Actifio. He was phenomenal!"

"John [Watson], the instructor, is excellent!"

Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
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Instructor: John Watson (more about this instructor)

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1/22 - 1/26 9:00am - 1:00pm Online Enroll Now

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  • 300+ page Coursebook
  • Headset for online classes
  • Workshop solutions and sample code
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Watch John teach how to setup Oracle Stretched (Extended Distance) Clusters, even with Standard Edition!

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