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Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX Conversion Workshop
1 Day Onsite or 7 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This class will teach you how to convert Oracle Forms (Forms) applications to Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications. Students will learn about the entire conversion process, from planning to deployment, as they work on a simulated conversion project from beginning to end.

The Forms conversion utility, built into APEX since version 3.2, will be used throughout the conversion process. However, many tasks involved in a conversion project will be done outside of the utility. Learning to identify and complete these tasks is very important objective of this class. Hands-on workshops will constitute a large majority of the class time - approximately 70%.

As with all of our courses, this class can be highly customized to meet your specific training requirements when held for a private group.

Watch instructor Dan McGhan's Oracle Forms to APEX Conversion
presentation to the NY Oracle Users Group (WMV video).

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Forms to APEX Conversion Basics

  • Reasons for conversion
  • Differences Between Forms and APEX
  • Conversion Utility Overview

Preparing and Creating the Forms Conversion Project

  • Preparing Forms Source Files for Conversion
  • Preparing the APEX Workspace
  • Creating the Forms Conversion Project
  • Configuring the Conversion Project

Project Planning

  • Navigating the Conversion Project
  • Understanding Conversion Tasks and Goals
  • Using annotations

Pre-generation Tasks

  • Understanding Pre-generation Tasks
  • Working with Data blocks and Items
  • Analyzing business logic

Generating the Application

  • Setting Application Defaults
  • Generating the Application

Post-generations Tasks

  • Working with Lists of Values
  • Adding Validations
  • Adding Additional Logic
  • Adjusting the Look and Feel
  • Adding JavaScript and Ajax
  • Securing the Application
  • Deploying the Application
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