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SkillBuilders Oracle PL/SQL Programming Workshop:
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This class will teach you how to write efficient and scalable PL/SQL programs to create database-intensive PL/SQL applications. You will learn the critical and fundamental aspects of PL/SQL language.

Learning how to create efficient, scalable PL/SQL programs is an important objective of this course. To meet that objective, the course includes instruction on such things as the proper use of bind variables, bulk processing, pipelining, benchmarking different formulations of a routine and profiling PL/SQL programs to identify the code that should be tuned.

Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 50% of the class.

For customer-site training, as with all of our courses, this class is highly customizable to your specific training requirements.

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Average Student Rating:
Rachel Sullivan Sherwin Williams
The instructo was nice

Guillermo J. Rivera Sherwin Williams
He cover a lot of info in 2 days.

Kostatin Bojovic Sherwin Williams
Hands-on examples.

Specify the target audience better. It was very helpful having coding experience prior to the beginners' course. However, one without prior experience had many difficulties.

Linda Huack Sherwin Williams
Should be 3 days instead of 2.

Marcelino Reyes Sherwin Williams
The instructor was very prepared.

Matthew Davis Sherwin Williams
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor's knowledge and enthusiam

Ryan Beno Sherwin Williams
The book with the course was very helpful

Annie Matsudaira City of Seattle
Got a better understanding of Pl/Sql that made reading I've already done, make more sense. I have a better picture of what some of my coding practices should be, especially using packages more!

katie bourbeau haemonetics
the instructor was able to immediately respond to questions and comments while presenting the material

more exercises that are short and quick to reinforce the various subjects presented.

Stephanie Collins Hampton City Schools
[No improvements necessary.] Liked the share screen option.

Small class size and interaction with others and instructor.

Allen Leung Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
The delivery of audio and video is quite good except just a few instance of choppy video.

Daniel Law PWR
Instructor, Dan McGhan, helped everyone on the class to set up the lab and help us individually to debug our programming exercises if we needed help. Dan is a great instructor and he answers all students' questions. I like the GoToMeeting setup, too. We can submit questions online instead of interrupting the pace of the class. Dan answered all my submitted questions online.

Brandon Austin NTI
The instructor was very knowledgeable in this area. The use of GoToMeeting made it easy to interact.

Wendy Copeland Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.
This was the first time I took a course over the Internet with Headphones and a Microphone. It worked out better than I expected.

Instructor was very patient and knowledgeable. Being new to PL/SQL, I was worried about being too slow, but the pace was okay.

Terry Cross Walker and Associates, Inc
particularly like the hands on workshops

Dennis Barrett Walker and Associates, Inc.
Geoff is one of the best instructors I've had for any training.

Stacey Hedrick Walker & Associates, Inc.
The fact that the material was well layed out and the workshops really helped explain what was going on. I really liked the workshops where we could run the .sql program and it would gives us questions as we did the lab. Good Job overall!

bobby allen walker and associates
the instructor was very knowledgable in the subject.

the excercises need to be in a tutorial based layout. for me it was very hard to decide where to start. have the students work through a step by step tutorial then have them do an excercise based on the tutorial in each chapter.

Mitzi Tester Walker and Associates, Inc
The exercises helped reinforce what you were learning. Geoff was great!

Terry Cross Walker and Associates, Inc
The hands on learning.

Boris Margulis UBS PaineWebber
Advanced feature of Oracle were well covered

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