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All Solaris & Linux Classes

Introduction to Solaris:
2 Day Onsite or 14-Hour Online Class and Hands-On Workshop.

This comprehensive two-day course aims to equip the novice Solaris/UNIX user with all the skills necessary to navigate the system and make productive use of the tools available, including the Windows system, the vi editor and essential Solaris/UNIX commands. It also forms the necessary foundation for subsequent courses. This course, combined with the Solaris Utilities and Shell Programming , provides preparation for the new Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) CX-310-105 exam.

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Solaris / UNIX / Linux overview

  • What are Solaris, Linux and Unix?
  • Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Basic command examples.
  • Other versions of Unix.
  • Future of Unix.
  • Logistics and support.

Getting started

  • Logging in and out.
  • Basic Gnome Window system use.
  • Keyboard basics.
  • Files, directories and path names.
  • Creating and examining files.
  • Effective use of directories.
  • Moving, copying and removing files.
  • Basic system password security.
  • Online Documentation and the man command.
  • Common problems.


The vi editor

  • Invoking vi.
  • Insert and Append.
  • Moving around the text.
  • Deleting text.
  • Change operators.
  • Other insert operators.
  • Searching for text; Search and replace.
  • Saving and quitting.

The Next stage

  • Introduction to UNIX shells.
  • Shell interaction.
  • Input and Output control using Re-direction and piping.
  • Shell metacharacters (wild cards).
  • The command history mechanism, and command line editing facilities.
  • The shell quoting mechanism.
  • Setting up and using command aliases.
  • Job and Process monitoring and control.
  • More complex copying and moving.
  • Protecting files and directories using chmod.
  • Shell variables and setting up the environment.
  • Introduction to Solaris utilities.
  • Halting the workstation.

Gnome Window System

  • A thorough examination of the major tools available, such as the Panel, File Manager, Text editor and the Help system.
  • Customizing the Workspace and setting basic user preferences.

Introduction to networking

  • Introduction to network concepts.
  • Ethernet Overview.
  • Network basic commands (including logging in to other machines with ssh).
  • Network File System (NFS) - overview, benefits and uses.
  • Overview of Samba file sharing with Microsoft machines.
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