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Introduction to Solaris:
2 Day Onsite or 14-Hour Online Class and Hands-On Workshop.

This comprehensive two-day course aims to equip the novice Solaris/UNIX user with all the skills necessary to navigate the system and make productive use of the tools available, including the Windows system, the vi editor and essential Solaris/UNIX commands. It also forms the necessary foundation for subsequent courses. This course, combined with the Solaris Utilities and Shell Programming , provides preparation for the new Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) CX-310-105 exam.

Average Student Rating:
Kamran Khan GE Capital Retail Finance
The instructor skills & knowledge on the subject.

Steve Leckman
Mick was a solid instructor at times got into things that well beyond beginning level Unix skills.

Martin Hubner
Well organized and concise.

Antonio Sanchez
Instructor was enthusiastic and really tried to help the participants

Alfredo Rowlands GE
The course materials and content were arranged in a very progressive manner and helped in the learning process. The excercises at the end of each section were also extremely helpful.

Mike Konieczny GE Capital
[I particularly liked] The instructor

doug richter
Length was good for content

eileen condon
Knowledge of instructor and material presented was relevant to my job.

Frank Pickman GE CAPITAL - RF
[What did you particularly like about the course?] clear, concise with real world examples

Bob Yankou General Electric
Instructor really knows the material. Good pace. Useful handouts.

Ed Dworkin GE Capital
as presented, was interesting and informative; instructor had extensive knowledge and held attention

Darci Boyce GE Stamford
Mick was an excellent instructor. I have no prior Unix knowledge so very good intro course. I liked the hands-on exercises during the course.

As I had no prior Unix knowledge, some of the commands could have used a touch more definition, either verbally or in the manual, such a tee: and -t. I was not interested in the Windows section.

Michael Flanagan GE
I thought the instructor was excellent. Mick Hosegood did a very good job. The course content and materials were also well done!

Mark Goubeaux GE Capital
Mick Hosegood is a very good instructor. He made the class flow very well.

tony prushko ge
I thought it was really good

it moved at a good speed and Mich slowed down if necessary

Hassan Voyeau Goldman Sachs
[What did you particularly like about the course?] the book

Han Cheng Liang Goldman Sachs
Clearly laid out the different functionalities of Unix and Vi without going too much into the details.

It's pretty good. no suggestions...

it's already comprehensive.

Nadir Akram Goldman Sachs & Co.
instructor was knowledgable

Peter Huang Goldman, Sachs & Co.
It went over many of the basic features of Unix one by one.

Momoko Ono Goldman Sachs
vi section as it is required in my working environment.

Obiageli Obidi Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Gave me a hands on try at using a UNIX system. Learnt basics of editing with VI.

Mark Bartolome Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Good overview and introduction to basic and more complex unix commands.

Jonathan Graham Goldman Sachs
Taught me more about VI and the *principles* of its commands and how to use it

Brett Hannah Goldman Sachs
The instructor was really good.

Yuan Li Goldman Sachs (Japan)
useful comannods

Defina Maluki GS
Provided necessary information for the newcomer to UNIX

Stuart Byrne Goldman Sachs
The simple manner in which the material was introduced.

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