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Solaris 11 New Features Training

Upgrade from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11

5 Day Onsite or 35 Hour Online Hands-On Training

Learn the New Features of Solaris 11!  Learn Solaris 11 Installation! Prepare for Certification!

This course is intended for Solaris 10 Administrators who wish to quickly get up to speed with the new features of Solaris 11. It covers all the major new facilities, in a workshop environment, providing extensive hands-on workshops.

This course is similar to Oracle's Transition to Solaris 11 (ID: D73488GC10 ) but considerably less expensive. This course provides preparation for the Upgrade to Solaris 11 Systems Administrator (1Z1-820 [beta] and 1Z0-820) exam.

Watch instructor Mick Hosegood's tutorial on ZFS file system enhancements in Solaris 11...Click HERE for full screen.

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This course is only suitable for experienced Solaris 10 administrators.

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