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Oracle 11g Release 2 New Features for Administrators
5 Day Onsite or 35 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This 5-day hands-on class will teach you about the key enhancements in Oracle Database 11g. You will learn the purpose, benefits and use of new features related to managing change, diagnosing and resolving problems, improving scalability and performance, strengthening security, and several other areas related to database administration.

This course is fully updated to cover Oracle 11g Release 2 features. 

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Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
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Installation and Upgrade Enhancements

  • Installation Considerations
    • 11g Release 1 Installation Enhancements / New Features
    • 11g Release 2 Installation Enhancements / New Features
    • Oracle Universal Installer Enhancements for RAC
    • Depreciated Items in Oracle Database 11g
  • Configuration Assistant Enhancements
    • ASM Configuration Assistant (ASMCA)
    • Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
    • Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
  • Upgrade Considerations
    • Upgrade Process
    • Upgrade Paths for 11g R1
    • Upgrade Paths for 11g R2
  • Patching

Oracle Storage Enhancements

  • Overview of Oracle Database 11g Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
    • What is ASM
    • ASM and Real Application Clusters
    • ASM Requirements
    • ASM Implementation
  • New Storage Features for Oracle Database 11g
    • New Storage Features for Oracle Database 11g Release 1
    • New Storage Features for Oracle Database 11g Release 2
    • ASM Command-Line Utility (ASMCMD) Enhancements
    • ACFS Command-Line Tools
    • Enterprise Manager Support for ASM
  • Oracle Storage Recommendations

Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Intelligent Infrastructure Overview
  • What’s new in Oracle 11g?
    • Automated Maintenance Tasks
    • AWR Baselines
    • Enhanced Advisor Framework
    • Simplified Initialization Parameter Management
    • Temporary Tablespace Enhancements
    • Database Resident Connection Pooling
    • Resource Manageability

Diagnosability Enhancements

  • Fault Diagnosability Infrastructure
  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  • Health Monitor
  • Incident Packaging Services
  • Enterprise Manager Support Workbench
  • ADRCI Command-Line utility

Performance Enhancements

  • Database Performance Enhancements
    • Automatic Memory Management
    • Active Session History enhancements
    • ADDM enhancements
    • AWR performance enhancements
    • Other Database Performance enhancements
  • General Server Performance Enhancements
    • Direct NFS Client
    • Invisible Indexes
    • Deferred Segment Creation
    • Database Smart Flash Cache
    • Other General Server Performance enhancements
  • Basic SQL and PL/SQL Enhancements
    • Intelligent Cursor Sharing
    • SQL Access Advisor
    • Cost-Based Optimizer enhancements
    • Query Result Cache
    • Other SQL and PL/SQL enhancements
  • Online Application Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Edition-Based Redefinition
    • Fine-Grained Dependencies for Triggers
    • Other enhancements

Partitioning and Storage-Related Enhancements

  • Partitioning Enhancements
    • Composite Partitioning
    • Interval Partitioning
    • Reference Partitioning
    • System Partitioning
    • Virtual Column-based Partitioning
    • Other Partitioning Enhancements
  • Partitioning-related Enhancements
    • OLTP Table Compression
    • Partition Advisor
    • Partition Exchange Load
    • Enhanced Partition Pruning Capabilities

Flashback and Logminer

  • Flashback and LogMiner New Features in Oracle 11g
  • Overview of Flashback Technology
    • Enabling Flashback Technology
    • Using Flashback Technology
  • Overview of the LogMiner Utility

New Security Features

  • Security Overview
  • New Security Features
  • Security Add-ons
  • Maintaining Secure Databases

RMAN Enhancements

  • RMAN New Features in Oracle 11g
  • Optimized Backups
  • Parallel backup and restore for Very Large Files
  • Large Backups for Data Warehouses
  • Using RMAN Multi-Section Backups
  • Active Database Duplication
  • Creating an Using Virtual Private Catalogs

Data Recovery Advisor

  • Data Recovery Advisor Overview
  • DRA RMAN Command-Line Interface
  • Repairing Data Failures
  • Best Practice Proactive Checks
  • Setting Parameters to Detect Corruption

Database Management New Features

  • Oracle Scheduler Enhancements
  • Online Application Maintenance and Upgrade
  • Enterprise Manager Enhancements
  • Other New Features for Database Management

Automatic SQL Tuning

  • Automatic SQL Tuning Overview
  • New Features for Oracle 11g
  • Automatic Tuning Optimizer Overview
  • Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor Overview
  • SQL Access Advisor Overview

Real Application Testing

  • Overview of Real Application Testing
  • Real Application Testing New Features in Oracle 11g
  • Using Database Replay
  • Using SQL Performance Analyzer

Oracle RAC New Features

  • Overview of Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • RAC New Features – 11g R1 and R2

Data Guard New Features

  • Data Guard Overview
  • Data Guard New Features – 11g R1 and R2

Data Loading and ETL

  • Overview of Extraction, Transformation, and Load
  • Improved Data Loading
    • Execute Privilege for DIRECTORY objects
    • Extended syntax for ORACLE_LOADER access driver
  • Improvements to Oracle Utilities
    • Data Pump Enhancements
    • Oracle Warehouse Builder Enhancements
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