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Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure and ASM Administration Training, Fast Track (Accelerated)

Oracle GI & RAC release 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure for Administrators Course
5 Day Onsite or 35 Hour Online Hands-On Training

In this course, you will learn to install and administer Grid Infrastructure, RAC Clustered Databases and Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

This is an accelerated (fast-track) class; students should expect after-hours work to successfully complete this class.  Please be sure to check the prerequisites carefully.

You'll learn about the Oracle Grid Infrastructure, RAC, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), ASM Cluster File System (ACFS), Grid Plug and Play (GPnP), Policy and Administror managed Resources, and the use of Flex Clusters and Flex ASM.

You will learn how to leverage the Oracle Clusterware to make applications highly available, supporting monitoring and failover to other nodes. You will learn to troubleshoot the Oracle Clusterware by examining log files, enabling debugging, and enabling tracing for various utilities.

The environment is a four node Linux cluster for each student, to be configured starting with nothing more than the operating system installed.

The primary focus of this course is on  installation, maintenance, and administration of Oracle Grid Infrstructure and RAC with command line utilities, through graphical tools may be used if desired.

"the guys continue to heap praise on John and the benefits they received from him on the training .. money well spent !!"

Rick Hertz, Foremost Farms  March 2017


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Average Student Rating:
Divyesh Patel
everything met the expectations about the topic

Raju Gorantla Schneider
it's (this class is) really good

[ suggestions for improving ?] Nope! I think the way it was conducted, it was pretty good. We had 0 issues due to the GoToMeeting or delivery techniques.

Maybe writing on screen (while presenting) options might be a little helpful.

I most liked that the course was very well balanced and touched many a different toipcs. + It being a small class of just the 3 of us from Schneider, we went into some very specific examples of problems and JOhn Watson more than accommodated us and spent more time on topics where we needed more time and skimmed the ones we were experienced much. This gave us an opportunity to almost have tailor made workshops as well where we went beyond the scope of the course and exercises. Very Helpful, indeed!

I think it would be good to have information on your Audience's experience ahead of the course, so that Day 1 can be more productive based off of the experience of the class. Not a biggie though!

Overall, excellent class!

Dennis Ruane Waters Co
Working with the instructor in a one on one setting. The knowledge of the instructor and knowing and working with actual customer installations and issues that come from that environment or practical experience. Knowing all the alternative methods to implement some of these new features.

Cindy Wan
lots of hands-on [workshops] and the depth of the instructor

anthony sanchez city of fort collins
[What did you particularly like about the course?] instructor, labs

[suggestions for improvement of the course] The handbook needs more diagrams in addition to the text. We did several white board diagrams - these types of illustrations need to be in the book. Would assist with online delivery as well I suspect.

Aarti Shah
I really liked instructor sharing his real-time experience while teaching. He is very motivated and enthusiastic. He responded to my each and every doubts during the course and after the training as well.

I would like to see following topics in little detail than covered during the class. i)backup and recovery ii) patches and upgrades Also notes on 'cloning of clusterware and nodes' were missing in the course.

Debra Labanowski Self-employed
[suggestions for improvement of the course] I have no suggestions for improvement. The class format and setup were great! I especially appreciated that SkillBuilders provided access to classroom servers for a couple days after class, so students had a chance to rework lab assignments.

John Watson is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgable. He provided an abundance of hands-on examples throughout the class and was able to answer all the students' questions. I highly recommend this course.

Jeremy Schleicher SWRI
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The hands on

[Please describe your suggestions for improvement of the course.] Spend more time talking about the Cache Fusion

Bradley Trantham Southwest Research Institute
John was a great instructor, clearly knew his stuff and also knew how to convey that information in an effective manner. He was very personable & easy to get along with.

It was a pretty solid course as is. The one thing you might think about would be categorizing the topics based on skillset (DBA topics vs. Sys Admin topics vs. App Developer topics etc). The course covers a large area in terms of skillsets and we brought various specialists to the class so having that breakdown up front potentially might have been handy.

Chris Ermlich Southwest Research Institute
This was a classroom course on-site with online access via VNC. Not much to improve. All worked well on the virtual servers via VNC.

[I particularly liked ]Hands on labs and lots of extra whiteboarding and detailed analysis.

Hard to improve with John doing such an outstanding job.

Ritchie Lau Delta CCI
Excellent instructor who knows his subject matter very well. Speaks well, clearly and answers all questions placed upon him.

Walberto Rivera
[I particularly liked] The knowledge of the trainer

William Moore
This was an online course. The workshops/exercises were about as solid as one could ask for. The presenter was A+. We did skip over various slides on a daily basis, which may have been due to time constraints, so that can sometimes provide trainees with an intermittent memory of whether they missed something they might want to know more about, but it was only 5 days, so presenter made sure he touched over the most important aspects, so when you look at it from that perspective, a trainee just needs to be ready for 8 hours gauntlet of information; which is good; Plantronics - keep doing that - that probably saved plenty of time, not having to call #s back in, plus able to mute, etc. The book delivered - it's just a powerpoint presentation, which is great I guess, but I may use it as a reference, not sure. Having the PDF, for late enrolees, like me, saved me, and the Training Team responded ASAP the moment we transacted billing, so that was A+ as well; SB didn't wait till Monday, they got us rolling early before course started - A+

Start with a clean slate, except for fact that Sys Admin built the clustered environment for us. Often a DBA will be previewed to assist in the layout of 2,3,4 nodes, what the requirements, in writing are, before we jump start RAC build. Being able to build my own from scratch was exactly what I needed to augment my 3+ years of dedicated RAC support, because company did not permit but only handful of DBAs and not many sand boxes either to build from scratch, maybe one, to somehow be shared by 100 DBAs; so this class was worth my investment in closing that piece. Now I probably would like to get into GoldenGate, but may have to save my money, plus want to enhance replication ground-up, others... If I can get those types of classes as well, hands-on, I would go back to SB or other that offers, because I probably would wait until 2020 to get a company to give me time to train for that - speaking from 10+ years of experience, multiple accounts * multiple companies. Anyway, I will be able to go back and look at my notes and probably will have to spend weeks compiling things in a way that I will be able to translate use in business world, but that just tells you about how much training I received from SB on this subject matter. Thanks!

I think the PDF being in the format it was, is likely best avenue when training, going through bullet points, etc - I would not detail any further, even though any trainees first thought, maybe a bit more detail that will help - not in the PPT (even PDF version) - but I think the Paper one that is shipped; it would be nice to have a bit more detail - something that would draw you to the paper version - not saying should add another 300 pages to it; that fact that the book is well organized, with tabs, is very cool! Quick access - but at first glance, you say, well I have the electronic version of this. If the book offered some information that the PPT did not - not sure, whether it's useful links (maybe I overlooked some) or other information -- I don't know you may have your reasons as to why it was done this way - and hey it's better than zero information - so not complaining - but often descriptions in a paper copy have a way of re-inforcing words, topcs... a PPT does not re-inforce from a paper copy standpoint... for training day purposes - stay with the PPT version... Just a thought... Other than that: course is heavily dependent on the trainers' presentation side, so when the trainer is very solid, then the trainees become very well trained. Make sure you have top notch trainers for this, and then the current format works; e.g., don't have someone like John W., not sure how course would fare. We were very fortunate to have John W. as a trainer as well as Gary, et. Al. assisting with our experience. Thanks! Cya down the road, perhaps, online, most likely - The U.S. Midwest is 6 hours away from London, although I did a small stint in London in 1998 with COLT Technologies, onsite for about a week, btw.

Peter Fay Intelliskills, Inc.
Workshops were great.

John taught the material in an effective and concise manner. The labs were especially helpful in understanding the topics better. Everyone was given an opportunity to ask questions.

Eugene Liu Merck
Instructor is very knowledgeable, course materials are very constructive, labs are hands on.

Ed Rangel Ellucian
The instructors level of knowledge very good. The in depth conversations about all the topics gave a lot of insight.

Jay Munnis
The teacher made this course enjoyable. His energy and passion for the subject really helped.

Amit Kopal Accenture
I particularly like the Labs

Chor Kwan Accenture
I really like the material

krishna pamidimarri accenture
The instructor used white board alot and questions were answered.

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