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Introduction to Oracle Application Express 5 (APEX 5 for Beginners)
3 Day Onsite or 21 Hour Online Hands-On Training

Learn the essential skills required to develop a complete application using Oracle Application Express (APEX). In this training you will lean how to navigate APEX effectively and understand how to build core components as we guide you through creating web interfaces including forms, reports, calendar and charts. We will highlight new features and workflows using the new page designer in APEX 5.0. You will also learn how to secure your application as we discuss many best practices and general guidelines.   Refer to the Topic Summary for a more complete list of topics covered.  

Class is limited lecture, significant amount of demonstrations and plenty of hands-on workshops.

Attend this class and get 20% off our Intermediate APEX class


Tyson Jouglet
Average Student Rating:
Rene Quintanilla DPSS - LA County
Everything is currently fine. I cannot thing of anything to improve the delivery.

Everything. The Instructor [Tyson Jouglet] is one of the best I ever have on countless training attended.

You really are Skill Builders!

Every component of the course is right to the point.

Jenny Zhang DPSS - LA County
Teacher [Tyson Jouglet] is very patient of answering questions

Huy Tran DPSS - LA County
[Suggestions for Improvement?] Better video and audio quality.

James Episcopo Curtiss-Wright
[suggestions for improving] I can not think of anything.

The pace of the course was just right for an introductory class.

josphine bandaru lgbs
the course is well structured so it was easy to follow

Tray Halverson
[suggestions for improving] No Suggestions. This was my first on-line course and I loved how smoothly it went.

So many times I am taking courses that are 5 days condensed into 3 and it ends up being too much information all at once. The 4 hour increments was perfect and allowed me time to digest the training.

Lino Schildenfeld
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Presenters skills/enthusiasm

Frank Tsai
Perhaps alternate the training times instead of all afternoon for consecutive months. One month, 1-5ET, another month 8-12PT.

Ivan Ivanov Harvard Medical School
It was an online course and everything was great.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] The instructor [Tyson Jouglet] , the workshops, the recordings

[suggestions for improvement of the course.] What was the textbook for, it was never mentioned once

Dipika Dabhadkar Employers
Met expectations

[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor's teaching style and knowledge

James Killion Systalex
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Flexibility

Jennifer Tomkins Univ of Cal Santa Cruz
[suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques] no, go to meeting worked well and so did my headset

[What did you particularly like about the course?] switching back and forth from the slides to show and demo concepts, no questions were off limits, all questions were answered, including the discussion and demo of more advanced topics

[suggestions for improvement of the course.] I dont have any

mohana katyal
The techniques were very good.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] It helped a beginner learn the basics

I was happy with the course

Sury Ricciardi Polk County
Most of the time it was fine, sometimes the audio reception was poor but the instructor would repeat everything.

The instructor [Richard Martens] was very thorough and he would repeat an exercise from scratch when needed.

John Holt Engility
[What did you particularly like about the course?] the demo and exercise

Sanjay Joshi Sanjay Joshi
Might help if there was a tool introduction for APEX DUMMIES.

Power of Apex Tool

Matthew Rudolph US EPA Region 6
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Workshops - I learned a lot from doing the workshops.

Ying Shi STRS Ohio
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The instructor.

Marianne Shaieb Lawrence Livermore National Lab
This was an excellent course. The instructor demonstrated techniques and best practices for APEX development. I appreciate that he took the time to address specific questions and fold the answer into the demos. Tyson is extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend this course.

There were no prerequisites but it really helped that I had been experimenting with Apex beforehand.

Lindsay Daley DFAS
The course is designed for beginners but also included a bit of advanced information thrown in here and there.

Don't let people eat during class. That kind of thing shouldn't have to be stated but the disruptions got a little ridiculous.

Kenneth Eder DFAS
Teacher's skill and personality - very helpful explaining answers to all questions

Alan Jarvis DFAS
The instructor did a great job presenting the material and explaining it.

Ryan Wagner DFAS
Everything worked great.

I liked the interactive workshops and the walkthroughs. I felt it really reinforced the modules.

Thought the course was great don't have any improvements to suggest.

Dustin Lawrence DFAS
The course was detailed and Tyson was awesome! Excellent instructor! He's a keeper =)

Christian Hernandez DFAS
is there a companion for PL/SQL of commonly used APEX PL/SQL commands or best practices in addition to the APEX book?

glenn corbett DFAS-IN
It was good in its current format

the tutorials

Peggy Johnson DFAS-IN
Instructor very enthusiastic about the course and the use of APEX. Truly committed to helping everyone in the class understand the content. I will be requesting his class for intermediate APEX.

Intermediate APEX and Advanced. Also if there is training for HTML and Java that would be useful for APEX developers.

steven schubert DOD
Tyson Jouglet is a great instructor!

Eric Hagemann DFAS
the instructor was passionate about teaching and conveying the material and then ensured that we understood.

slow down on the amount of material for individuals that are seeing this for the first time. Felt like instructor was rushing at times because there was so much material to cover in three days. Maybe add a day.

Brandon Hendrix
[particularly like about the course?] The usefulness of the material

[suggestions for improvement of the course] The wording of the questions are a bit confusing and seems somewhat not related to the instruction that I am being asked to execute. The questions may be intended to cause the student to think, but I find that I end up thinking more about the question than the reason I would use the operation that is being tested. Please write them more clearly. Otherwise I learned a lot.

Ruben Bedoya DFAS-IN
I liked how every module built upon the previous module's lessons.

Lana Pettus DFAS Indianapolis
[particularly like about the course?] help me understand the APEX PROCESS.

Karen Gaddis DFAS
[particularly like about the course?] Quality/depth/breadth of material was appropriate to skill level and left me ready to explore more.

Douglas Vogel DFAS
The instructor (Tyson Jouglet) was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. Very good.

Patricia Sanders DFAS, Indianapolis, IN, Central Proc., Army Mil Pa
I liked especially the fact that Mr. Jouglet was always willing to assist. He gave up his break times and parts of his lunch times to assist any and all students. I liked working the examples or workshops.

More time within the instruction and workshop working time.

Nancy McHugh NOAA Fisheries
The instructor gave a lot of web links that are helpful and when I ran astray while doing workshops, was able to clearly explain or show me where I went wrong.

Anthony Hui Loyola Marymount University
The work shops because the scope and difficulty are very good.

Andrew Scott The Sherwin-Williams Company
It showed some nice concepts that Apex can do. Not exactly sure it how it can replace our existing legacy code.

Tim Lowe Lawrence Livermore National Lab
I'm glad that Richard showed us a master-detail even though it wasn't supposed to be included. This is valuable and SHOULD be included in the intro course.

Kostatin Bojovic Sherwin Williams
Extend the amount of time spent on each subject. Create as many mini video lectures, as necessary for each subject.

Hands-on workshops were very helpful.

Brian Leahy Sherwin Williams
Tyson the instructor - very good communicator, very nice guy

Mar Castro US Navy
Everything was excellent.


Sharon Hunt-Water Library of Congress
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor

Bring download materials up to date and make some items, like the workshops clearer.

Jeff Kobe
Instructor was very knowledgable and very willing to help

Mein Petsche Sherwin-Williams
[What did you particularly like about the course?] live person to teach the course and ability to get an immediate answer to a question

Daniel Prudhoe Sherwin Williams
Tyson was extremely knowledgeable which allowed the course to quickly accommodate various questions and learning curves without slowing down the course delivery

Kurt Yamamoto Loyola Marymount University
[suggestions for improving?] No. It was great.

I like the hands-on aspect of the class. The labs were very helpful. The instructor was very personable and engaging - this to me can be an important factor in the success of the course.

Brian Hopper Marshall University Foundation
[suggestions for improving] No, software and delivery techniques were adequate.

Flexibility of on-line option and ability review training session at a later date.

[suggestions for improving] Time permitting add more content to the workshops to provide more hands on experience with the different options and settings.

Arleah DAgostini United Physicians
[suggestions for improving] add 30 minutes to allow for a longer break halfway thru. start earlier in the day.

Review of day prior material at the start of the following day. Instructor was very good and I really appreciate all his effort! Thanks :)

suggest to students to optionally setup with two monitors. This allows better access to lab instructions.

Marlen Heimbigner The University of Utah
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Tyson

Bill Ferguson USGA
Tyson was very knowledgeable of the subject matter.

Chii Wong Santa Clara Valley Water District
I like the 4 hours length from Monday to Friday.

Might consider to a give a sloghtly longer break at 3PM because it is 12PM lunch in California.

Lawson Hise Evraz North America
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The interactions with the instructor and immediate help.

Oakley Parsons Evraz
[What did you particularly like about the course?[ lots

I would move through some of the items faster, started out a bit basic.

Ravendra Tomar Evraz
Instructor is knowledgable, Tyson took time to explain minute details and answered all questions nicely. he engaged the class along the way.

Richard Oreschnick Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Instructor enthusiasm

Brett Barrett Seattle Police Dept
Course content was really good and covered everything I need to get started.

Raelyn Clark LLNL
first time w/ on-line course like this. I thought it was great.

I liked the instant feedback with either the chat or hands up. I like the way it was set up so the instructor could see the student's screen when needed.

Tim Herwig Flagstar Bank
Maybe a little less new content and more time to reinforce the past concepts. I don't yet have working experience with APEX so I sometimes found myself falling behind but that was not instructor's fault.

(I really liked} Only 1/2 instead of whole day. Helped greatly with retention

Marie Carney
I thought Tyson was very personable and knowledgeable in the subject matter.

Edwin Wilder NOAA
Tyson knew his stuff.

Ozzy Palacios Votec
Very satisfied.

Enthusiasm of the presenter is uncommon. Very likeable.

Liyan Zhao Santa Clara Valley Water District
My first time get training on APEX, get a clear picture on APEX,but still need some time to practice.

Andrea Fritz Thomson Reuters
No suggestions [for improvement], worked great for me.

It was well organized and I appreciate all of the zip files that were provided.

Stephanie Choung Care1st
[I particularly liked the fact] We can seat at our office and still can learn and ask question easily

David Fang Care1st
Instructor was able to clearly go over modules and was very knowledgeable.

Mildred Suboc Doldol Care1st
[particularly like about the course] it has a video that I can go back to

Nicholas Kemp Lake-Sumter State College
The convenience of it through Go-To-Meeting

Steven Fowler Lake-Sumter State College
The technology worked fine for this class.

I enjoyed people being able to ask questions and hear the answer for them.

Joaquin Garcia Votec
The instructor had great enthusiasm. He was also very knowledgeable.

Thomas Nolan Votec
I liked that Tyson presented the material and then we did the workshop on our own then met back up and he went over the exercise. Helped me to try it myself first then check my work against what was shown.

Do not have any at this time - Tyson was a great instructor and really knew the Apex software. Also, I was surprised that by the end of the 4-hour session I was not bored or tired. There was enough material being presented - and as I said the pace was good so it kept my interest. I really had a positive experience overall - good job!

Michael Parker Votec
I was extremely pleased with the Tyson's ability and willingness to answer questions with detailed answers.

Steve Raborn Votec
Tyson is very knowledgeable of APEX and did a great job presenting the info and answering questions.

Nicole Fryar City of Chattanooga
Delivery was precise and well presented.

Instructor was clear, thorough, patient, and friendly. Good experience.

John Martin Sherwin Williams
instructor was very helpful, personable, and teaches material in approachable, clear fashion

Tim Taggett USMC
I Liked running through the labs and how knowledgeable the instructor is.

Joshua Flora BAH
Knowledgeable instructor, course itself was a very good hands-on introduction to APEX.

Hung Dang BAH
The pace of the lessons were good. Q/A sessions and hands-on lab exercises helped reinforce what was discussed in the lectures.

[Improvements?] None -- course is designed/taught well

D. Kathleen Sturgis USGS
Liked his [Tyson Jouglet's] take on the different options and what he suggested to use.

Matt Schwab Autocam
At the beginning of each day I would recommend asking the students to mute themselves. It is distracting when there is extraneous noise on the line, but having the instructor do the global mute makes actually speaking up too difficult.

There were some mistakes that were made during the demonstrations. It is oddly reassuring that small mistakes can happen. With the follow-up that each time he found what the issue was during a break and explained what happened.

Gayle Iles Cox Enterprises
I would suggest having the instructor demo the individual workshop(s) we did in class to confirm what we did was correct. I wasnt clear on if the purpose of the workshops were to build a final app that we all have the same app at end of day Friday

Peter Fay Intelliskills, Inc.
[particularly like] Lots of workshops - short and to the point.

Tom Johnson Academy School District 20
The delivery technique worked out quite well.

I liked the labs but wished there were more with more depth to them.

Andrew Daughters JPMorgan
Doing the activities was very helpful.

We also did PL/SQL training, and it would have been nice to do the PL/SQL first so that when we needed PL/SQL in the APEX training we would have been more prepared.

Jim Jones Rockingham County Schools
This class was set up well and met my needs.

I liked the pace of the course, allowing time for more difficult concepts to be better explained.

Probal Banerjee CEI
Very well structured and built to expand on prior knowledge

Add some material for implementing JavaScript/JQuery into applications.

Holger S¿lberg
Everything went well, no problems at all.

Small amount of participants, with possibility to ask relevant questions.

In advance it could be nice to know, how many participants were on a course.

Barbara Evans
Learning better way of doing things

Joy Bott BAE Systems
[Improvments?] No...I think it was done very well. I think most questions were asked via messaging instead of talking because the classes were being recorded. I really have none. Class and instructor was very good.

I liked doing the workshops with the instructor instead of doing them alone (and sometimes lost). You could ask questions as you went.

Hong Ting Chan
I liked how Patrick mentioned some advanced features that APEX could support.

I think the course was very well presented. I can't think of any improvements that can be made.

Michael Jondle United States Department of Agriculture
I think the course was delivered exceptionally well. I've done other online training sessions where we weren't able to start on time because the setup was painstaking. This was done perfectly.

The instructor was great. He knew exactly what he was doing and was able to help troubleshoot all problems as they arose.

Kamal Chellappa Virginia State Police
It was given by very knowledgeable person on the subject.

It requires more time and little more complex Workshops. Traning materials should include more sample screens. It will be handy for future references.

Michael Blackwell The Sherwin-Williams Company
[I liked] Not having to travel to a training location.

Alex Rangeo Concept Plus, LLC
I liked how it was very introductory. It introduced the components that make up and APEX application and the capabilities that APEX has to offer, without allowing the attendees to get lost in a lot of the PL/SQL and super technical aspects of an APEX application.

Robert Hrytzak
[I particularly liked] The Instructor.

Gilberto Galea CRS
Great course.

About new techniques at Apex 4.2

Adam Stern
I felt the online delivery was prepared and executed well.

The material, ability for screen sharing, easy to follow and always engaged. The 10 minute breaks after each hour was a very good way to prevent information overload and keep us fresh. The instructor's ability to take and answer/respond to 'ALL' questions and still get through all of the modules within the alotted timeframe. Always inquired if we had questions and made himself available before/after class to help address when needed.

[Improvements] A module to review a fully functionally sample APEX application that leverages all of the core components, features as well as PL/SQL, SQL, AJAX, JavaScript integration with real life commonly used cases.

Chris Freeman IRCS, Inc
no suggestions, GOTOMEETING and the headsets worked flawlessly.

diverse background of the attendees.

course was perfect.

Shane Walker IRCS Inc.
Filled the missing parts to help in our development. Lot's of things we were scrambling on, this solved a few of them.

Michael Gregg California State University, Chico
This was the first time I have taken an online course and it seemed to work pretty well. Questions and interactions with the instructor went fairly smoothly.

Prior to the course I began playing around with the Apex environment and just couldn't figure out the methods and structure of an Apex application. Afterward the course I feel much more confident in how it works and how to find answers to questions as they arise. The course really jumpstarted my ability to create applications and be productive quickly using Apex.

Laura Hayes Polk County BoCC
all was fine

Bryan Chau Booz Allen
The online delivery techniques was fine and well organized

Online class

Helen Kudrna-Murzin LHN
The course was organized perfectly from any point of view - software used, perfectly organized presentations, the instructor was introducing material very well - introducing the main concepts and giving very good practical advises.

Very good presentations + attention of the Instructor to each student - answering all the questions, covering all the topics that students were interested.

Dave Bender Raytheon @US-EPA (AED) Narragansett
I liked the presenter's ability to track the course in a timely, succinct, and calm manner. Good job!

perhaps the advanced course will be my next class ...

Dan Abrams
Patrick did a great job. One issue I had was that other ‘attendees’ did not want to communicate verbally during the class (they used Chat instead of activating their microphones). I felt that this slowed the momentum of the class a bit. Each attendee did do an intro verbally but after that it was rare that anyone else talked. Maybe doing a daily ice-breaker or verbal exercise may loosen up future attendees.?.

[What did you particularly like about the course?] The coverage – the course covered a lot of information over a short period of time. The instructor – as material/concepts were presented, Patrick either answered my questions or took notes to research and answer them later. He is very good at what he does.

Vitaliy Vaysfeld SCVWD
More exercises

[instructor] was very knowledge and shared relevant information not included in course material.

I think the Workshops should be more of a tutorial type. When you have an afternoon class you are tired and not as focused. Some prompts to walk you through the workshop would help. However, Dan compensated for this by walking through the workshops...helps!

Ricardo Rodriguez Santa Clara Valley Water District
the instructor was very, very, knowledgeable. He knew his subject matter perfectly. Instructor also had very, very, good personal/people skills.

Jerry Cox Santa Clara Valley Water District
[instructor] did an outstanding job of presenting the course content. I was especially impressed with the breadth of his knowledge.

Debra Kinsey Great Western Insurance company
I did learn some things, it tied some of the pieces of apex together for me

Larry Rice
The range of topics covered.

Nora Lee Shell Canada
[I particularly liked] Online.

Mayna Haywood New College of Florida
I liked the hands-on workshops. I also appreciated the flexibility of the instructor when we wanted to dig deeper into something, or look at one of our current apps with a particular question.

Matthew Ardito Brown University
I liked going through each of the APEX tools one by one and the in-depth explanations of their functions. Also, the module on Security was an eye-opener and has given me so ideas on how to improve our application's authentication schemes

The workshops could be a bit more descriptive. I found that, on some occasions, a few steps were missing that I had to figure out for myself (I don't know if that was intentional)

Amber Helms General Parts INC
The demonstrations associated directly with the workbook activities. Explanations were clear and concise.

Brian Stilley Power Design Inc.
The online format was good.

Zachary Grossman
everything was clearly explained

Erick Diaz Jorge Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
The professor was very prepared, and took his time to answer all questions and show us examples based on the questions.

The workshops were fine, but they may be a little longer so the users can practice more with the concepts learned on each module.

Susan Maung CUNY Graduate Center
It covers all the necessary components to understand how to develop a simple APEX application.

Robert Palian Library of Congress
I appreciate that the workshops were a steady progression through the features of APEX, and the instructor could fix the problems we encountered.

Phil Maggio Library of Congress
The instructor didn't sound like an Oracle sales rep. I felt i got a experienced and unbiased view of APEX.

I would have preferred the same material covered in 4 or even 5 days rather than 3 days.

Murali Krishnamurthy BAE Systems
Instructor Dan McGhan's knowledge

Nick Nobbe NN Consulting
Instructor's attitude: cheerful, positive, direct. Answered all questions.

sam patel stpnoc
The instructor is very kmowledgeble and great teacher.

Larry Lundstrom STPNOC
Very informative

Michael Post STP Nuclear Operating Co.
Great content and excellent presentation

A little rush due to time constraints

Charles Davidson STPNOC
Excellent instructor. Well prepared.

Scott Lloyd Brown University
interaction with the instructor

Alex Buchholz The Mitre Corporation
The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all questions thoroughly

David Adams Newport News Public Schools
Geoff was entertaining and absolutely knowledgeable.

Michael Tedeschi BAE SYSTEMS
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Everything. When I requested a custom Dynamic Actions course, I left it up to you to decide the content details and you did not disappoint. Dan was excellent.

anthony reeves BAE Systems
the lab part is very helpful

Indu Gnanashanmugam BAE Systems
[What did you particularly like about the course?] instructor and presentation of the materials

Matthew Hart BAE Systems
Dan was unbelievably knowledgeable about the subject matter. I've never had a class before that didn't have at least one question asked where the instructor said they would have to find the answer and get back to us later. He immediately knew the answer to every question that was asked and volunteered info that we hadn't thought of that would trip us up once we returned to work to use what we had learned.

I don't believe anything was lacking.

Quintin Jasper Jacobs
[particularly liked] The presentation by the instructor.

Lorre Johnson Jacobs Technology
[particularly liked] The hands on training and practice lessons.

Mark Chesebro AMICO
Explained what was going on behind the scenes (like persistent session state), not just what fields to complete.

George Bond Amico
Well presented...

Sugggestion: Expand time one hour per session.

Venkata Aleti Stanford University
Like the instructor presentation skills and the questions are all answered clearly.

Elaine Moise Stanford University
I particularly liked that we did "hands-on" right away -- this is a development tool, after all, and the practical part is the most important!

Laura Carmickle Northwestern Michigan College
everything worked great.

The instructor was very knowledgeable, explained things clearly and patiently, and the workbook exercises reinforced what was learned.

Joseph Schell AMICO
Dan was great. Very knowledgable about APEX and easily answered questions I had.

Demetrius Maddox RSDC
The instructor was very Knowledgeable.

Jeff White Solution Specialists, Inc.
I thought the class was very well organized and presented.

online delivery, great instructor, great price compared to other options

Mark Strecker
The instructor led the class well and was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. I also liked that the course book is well written with examples, etc. You typically get a power point slide printout which is useless outside the class. I liked the way the course material was reinforced with workshops and questions. This course met my needs and answered a lot of questions I had about Apex development.

Anne Parsons Brodart Co
This was a totally new topic for me so I was pleased that the material was covered in a fair amount of detail and presented clearly.

Tony Lim Subaru
Course instruction was informative

Tatsiana Sulkovskaya Subaru of America
Was easy to understand

Anatoly Galperin Subaru of America, Inc.
[What did you particularly like about the course?] Explanations of the problems and techniques

Jeanette Nolte Subaru of America
Material was straight and to the point.

A few more examples in the book

Tirus Porter Subaru of America
What did you particularly like about the course?] Knowledge

Gustavo Rodríguez TIACA
The pace of the instructor, and that he was able to answer all the questions even if they went deeper in the subjet.

David Sung Bankcard Services
Good introuductory course. Covered alot without overwhelming.

Greg Keith NPC
The on-line course was great.

The ability to be able to interact with instructor when needed

Rob Cote Independent Contractor
I thought the delivery technique was great.

The interactive ability with the instructor via integrated voice and chat. More importantly, the hands-on lab work was great. Sure beats pure "presentation only" training.

Carolyn LaPan Oracle
[What did you particularly like about the course?] it was small, instructor did not rush through material and was very knowledgable, gave ample time for workshops. it was great!

access to a recording or to more code. Instructor used some in demo that might be helpful to me when I create my own environment.

beth adams US Army Corps of Engineers
The instructor is very good and is enthusiastic.

I would prefer to see the course book numbered based on chapters, for example, Chap 3 - 1 or Chap 5 - 7. It's easier to flip around to the different chapters.

Mark Gustafson Creighton University
[What did you particularly like about the course?] The discussion on interactive reports

Ryan Long UBS
Great Introduction and a quick hands-on example of what APEX is all about.

Nancy Cunningham Cunningham Builders
On this form I am using 5 as excellent...1 as poor. I took this class on Feb 4th and had trouble with the course but I took it again on the 18th and followed it very well.

Dan is very knowledgeable on the subject. He could resolve anyone's issues in seconds. APEX has really simplified many of the tasks for a programmer. I was very impressed with this class.

Dan's suggestion to split the student and instructor screen was a big help. In the powerpoint presentation I wasn't sure which screen I should be on in APEX...form or report. I'm sure with more experimenting with this tool it will be easier.

Irene Ludwig NREL
Great class! Material was present in a very systematic and understandable manner. Instructor was very responsive to my problem. I hope it didn't diminish others' experience.

Timothy JX Hill BlueCross BlueShield
Dan is a great instructor and really made it easy to follow the instruction.

Wayne Lang Wyeth
Dan teaches and explains the course material very well. Highlight the classes with his hands-on experience about tips and traps.

The course material is a little behind the current release of the software.

Kelly St. Cyr Wyeth
Our instructor, Dan McGhan, was outstanding. He worked with students at various levels of understanding. He took time to answer and assist all the student questions and issues. He geared the class to our specific needs and investigated possible solutions to our issues.

I would improve the labs in the workbook. They were sometimes difficult to follow. Also, sometimes the concept was lost while trying to figure out how to navigate Apex and type lengthy code.

Thomas Cannon Wyeth Research
The instructor tailored the course direction toward our environment and pertinent problem resolutions.

At the moment, I can't honestly think of anything. [to improve]

Hema Elumalai Wyeth Research
The instructor was able to go into details of our experience with APEX and some of the problems we were facing. Excellent Instructor!

Could provide the code for SQL(electronic copy), since most of us were proficient in SQL and didn't have to type everything in.

Lindsay Bender
Our instructor was very willing to answer questions and gave us mini exercises outside of the book that reinforced the lessons.

Stacy Whaley Quintiles
I liked going through the class material and then being able to put it to use during the unit workshops.

I think it would be useful to perhaps have even more hands-on sections of the course.

David Liston Remmele Engineering
THE INSTRUCTOR - very knowledgable, very good communicator, very willing to help, provided addtl resources, very open to questions. All around very good instructor. I would consider addtl classes knowing that Dan is the instructor.

Offer it in an onsite classroom setting and emphasize another class or APEX tutorial as a prerequisite. This class had too much information (for me). I would have preferred 6 full classroom days instead of 6 online half days. Seeing Dan navigate through the application is one thing. Performing the same navigation on my computer is better. I have a weak programming background, but this being an online class contributed to this class being an introduction to the capabilities of APEX as opposed to taking home more desired knowledge.

Stella Rivera none
The instructor Dan McGhan, is very knowledgeable. He kept the sessions interesting. His tone was inviting for discussions and questions, not at all intimidating nor boring. He showed many examples to illustrate his related topics outside of the course textbook.

The workshops were comprehensive.

More student access related to database admin fundtions

miriam chege dot
all of the training was very helpful

none at this time [improvements]

Nancy Lounsbury Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.
The instructor was very easy to understand and explained things clearly. Small class size was a plus.

Lori Gumbiner Walgreens
Web format allowed the instruction to work interactively with the students

David Skwarek Walgreen Co
1. Didn't have to share a computer as with classes offered by Learning Tree. 2. I liked that the classes were not all day affairs, which is a real drain on brain power after lunch.

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