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JavaScript Fundamentals for Oracle APEX Developers
3 Day Onsite or 20 Hour Online Instructor-Led Hands-On Training

In this training you will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript development which includes program structures, data structures, and best practices. You will also understand how to integrate custom JavaScript code programmatically as well as declaratively using Dynamic Actions into your Oracle APEX applications.

Sergei Martens, Oct 8 2015: "I think your JS Fundamental course is really awesome! Especially the way you manage to discuss all the topics."

Free online training (free registration required):
JavaScript in APEX – A Lesson for the PL/SQL Developer.

Tyson Jouglet
Average Student Rating:
James Sampson Pima Community College
Interactive and pertinent

Theresa L. Sanfelici USGS
Tyson is very clear and concise and answers all questions.

Charles Fursdon Sherwin Williams
Professor attitude and enthusiasm.

Larry Koss EPA
The instructor helped but going above and beyond to help with issues and questions.

Kostatin Bojovic Sherwin Williams
It is an online course. It's pretty solid.

Hands-on workshops

David Valley STP Nuclear Operating Company
Tyson, I would like to Thank You for the training you provided. You made the understanding of JavaScript and APEX very easy. ... I am planning to go back to web page development that I did 12 to 15 years ago. So your recommendations on HTML5 and JavaScript comes at a perfect time. I will be using your recommended web sites and software.

Larry Lundstrom STPNOC
Helped with actual program questions.

Michael Post STP Nuclear Operating Co.
The instructors knowledge of the subject matter.

Kim Busha STPNOC
Instructor [Tyson Jouglet] was very good. Great at keeping students involved in course.

Linus D'Souza STP
[Improvement?] I think it should be spread over a longer number of days.

Paul Sturgis STPNOC
Flexible, tailored content.

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