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All Groovy & Grails Classes

Groovy for Java Developers
4 Day Onsite or 28 Hour Online Class and Hands-On Training.

This course teaches experienced Java developers how to write programs in Groovy that simplify, enhance, and expand their existing systems.

Groovy Training Objectives

  • Understand how dynamic languages differ from languages like Java or C#
  • Work with Groovy closures
  • Use Groovy control structures
  • Build object-oriented programs in Groovy
  • Use Groovy builders to reduce complexity
  • Access databases using Groovy
  • Process XML files in Groovy
  • Write unit tests in Groovy
  • Access Java classes from Groovy, and vice versa
  • Build a simple web application using Grails

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Groovy for Java Developers
Rapid Development with the Grails Platform
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Average Student Rating:
  • Groovy Fundamentals
    • Differences between Groovy and Java
    • Compiling and executing Groovy programs
    • The basic Groovy data types and optional typing
    • Writing Groovy scripts
    • Declaring classes
    • Overriding operators and type coercion
    • GDK: the Groovy library
    • Groovy strings
    • Regular expressions in Groovy
  • Groovy Collections
    • Ranges
    • Lists
    • Maps
    • Iterators and polymorphic algorithms
  • Closures in Groovy
    • Declaring closures
    • Available options for calling closures
  • Groovy Control Structures
    • The "Groovy truth"
    • Conditional execution
    • Looping constructs
  • Using Classes and Scripts
    • Groovy fields and local variables
    • Methods and operations
    • Safe dereferencing with the ?. operator
    • Organizing classes in packages
    • Using inheritance
    • POGO's vs. POJO's
  • Unit Testing in Groovy
    • GroovyTestCase
    • Unit-testing Groovy code
    • Unit-testing Java code
    • Code coverage and automation
  • Groovy Builders
    • NodeBuilder
    • MarkupBuilder
    • SwingBuilder
  • Survey of the GDK
    • Simplified File access
    • Templates
    • Groovlets
  • Database Access with Groovy
    • Basic database operations
    • DataSet operations
    • Groovy and ORM solutions
  • Working with XML
    • Reading and parsing XML documents
    • Using XPath expressions
    • Distributed processing with XML
  • Simple Metaprogramming
    • Metaclasses
    • Injecting methods with Categories
    • The Expandmetaclass
  • Web Development with Grails
    • The Grails framework
    • Creating web applications using Grails
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