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Groovy for Java Developers
4 Day Onsite or 28 Hour Online Class and Hands-On Training.

This course teaches experienced Java developers how to write programs in Groovy that simplify, enhance, and expand their existing systems.

Groovy Training Objectives

  • Understand how dynamic languages differ from languages like Java or C#
  • Work with Groovy closures
  • Use Groovy control structures
  • Build object-oriented programs in Groovy
  • Use Groovy builders to reduce complexity
  • Access databases using Groovy
  • Process XML files in Groovy
  • Write unit tests in Groovy
  • Access Java classes from Groovy, and vice versa
  • Build a simple web application using Grails

View SkillBuilders instructor Ken Kousen, Ph.D.'s presentation at SunGard Higher Education
Technology Association (SETA) Portsmouth on November 8:
Groovy and Grails for SunGard Banner Developers (free registration required).

Watch our free online training videos with instructor Ken Kousen, Ph.D.:
Groovy for Java Developers
Rapid Development with the Grails Platform
(WMV video; free registration required).

Average Student Rating:

Cost: $2,400

Call for Group or Alumni Discounts.
If you are a student of an accredited academic institution call us for a 25% discount.

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Enrollment includes:

  • 300+ page Coursebook
  • Headset for online classes
  • Workshop solutions and sample code
  • Review recordings of a class, online, anytime. what is this?
  • Certificate of Completion what is this?
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee what is this?
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