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Getting Started with Groovy and Grails

4 Day On-Site or 28-Hour Online Instructor Hands-On Training

This course teaches web developers how to use the Grails framework to rapidly create sophisticated web applications. Starting with a foundation of basic Java, students learn the fundamentals of the Groovy programming language. The course then discusses how Grails uses convention over configuration to build applications that rest on the foundation of the Spring Framework and the Hibernate Object­Relational Mapping API. Applications are built using a standard layered architecture, combining domain classes, controllers, and transactional services. Recent developments in the framework are also covered, including plugins, test driven development, and RESTful web services.

This course uses Grails version 2.5, but the information is applicable for versions 2.3 and 2.4 as well.

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"Ken was possibly the best instructor I've ever had."

"Ken did a great job, had a thorough understanding

and had a lot of patience for helping with anything

even if it wasn't part of the course."

Average Student Rating:
Karen Smith Clemson University
I especially appreciated the fact that we not only learned how to do things but also why we were doing them.

None. This was a great course and the instructor was awesome!

Darlene Fink Clemson University
Liked how the instructor presented the materials in a way that we could all understand by using associations with real life to bring it all together. Also enjoyed how he kept it light so that there was not stress trying to learn something new.

I can't think of anything that I would have improved for this course and instructor.

Jeffrey Elrod Clemson University
I knew Java previously and made to transition to Groovy fairly easy. That I liked very well.

I was very satisfied.

Lisa Alexander Clemson University
This was the best training course that we have had. Ken did a great job explaining each section and was able to relate it to real world situations.

Barry Brock Clemson University
Ken didn't just cover the exercises, but explained and discussed the material fully. He gave suggestions and insights.

A lot of software needed to be installed on our machines before Ken's arrival. It may be a good idea to take some time on the first day to help the students check to make sure all the installs were done properly. This might help prevent some folks from getting behind because a re-install is needed. Ken did a terrific job in conveying the material!

Denise Boyter Clemson University
instructor was fantastic

information on setup needs to be more step by step.

Vandy Travelstead Clemson University
Ken's style of teaching was engaging.

Maybe a road map when navigating the different tools. The documentation isn't very clear about which tool to find the different objects or which tool to modify objects in. As you go through it, you don't realize all the areas you'll create objects in and where to find them later so even my notes are hard to follow because I did not make note of when/why/where to find what you need described in the exercises in the documentation.

Derrill Dilworth Clemson University
Instructor - did an excellent job.

Mike Marshall Jukin Media
The [training] software was pretty solid. I wish I could have casted it to my smart TV, but thats about it.

Ken did a great job, had a thorough understanding and had a lot of patience for helping with anything even if it wasn't part of the course.

Personally I could have handled a faster paced course. However I have experience with Grails already and a degree in CS, so I'd guess that the pace was about right for the average student.

Michiko Tra Gonzaga University
No other suggestion in terms of the online software. It satisfied my need.

Ken is very knowledgeable about the material, and the class is informative and intensive.

I don't see how he can improve. He did everything he could.

Nam Nguyen DOJ
Things worked well for me. I had no problem.

Ken was willing to dive into the relevant questions and explore a lot of possible answers or information. Even for broader questions request per student's need. Thank you Ken for helping explain my questions outside class as well.

For the last part, if we could work with one light database to do at least one of last exercises in the class, that would be very helpful and complete.

Terry Young Wright State University
Ken was super knowledgeable. Knew everything about Grails, Groovy, JAVA, and about every IDE - his documentation was fantastic, however, going from one version documentation to next was confusing.

Michael Acree
Ken has been a great instructor.

Richard Moss College of Charleston
Ken was possibly the best instructor I've ever had.

Lisa Weaver
Everything was good.

eileen raney
Loved the instructor

Sylvia Burwell College of Charleston
Starting off with a review of some of the OOO concepts was very helpful since we are knew to all of this! Exercises were helpful and easy to follow along.

Gil Cereno College of Charleston
the instructor knows the material really well.

Janice ONeill College of Charleston
The instructor made the material interesting and constantly reinforced the material we covered to ensure we had a good understanding.

Scott Dunn Bainbridge State College
Instructor was knowledgeable and clearly liked working with the content.

Kelly Rickman Georgia College
I like that the instructor provided us with a shared google doc of notes for all the topics we covered in class. That was very helpful.

Anatoli Kurkul Delaware Life
[do you have suggestions for improving the online software or delivery techniques?] no

Instructor was very knowledgeable and material was great

Don Abbott Kent State University
In depth knowledge of instructor. [Ken Kousen]

Chris O'Daniel Kent State University
Instructor [Ken Kousen] brought all the topics together to make it easy to apply to the real world.

Cheryl DeGregio Kent State University
The instructor [Ken Kousen] was great - very helpful. I am new to this technology - and he was always happy to help me. The additional note taking that the instructor took was most helpful.

[improvements] None needed - it was great.

Altai Otgonyin Kent State University
Instructor [Ken Kousen] knew subject matter well

Robert Reuff Kent State University
Way material was handled. Instructor [Ken Kousen] adapted to our needs regarding Banner. Very knowledgeable.

George Cuthbertson Yavapai College
None [suggestions for improving delivery]

Instructor was knowledgable and personable

None [suggestions for improving course]

Mike Denkevitz Yavapai College
Ken, he's an awesome instructor. We were over our heads but by the 2nd day we started to get the hang of some of it.

Leslie Girardin Yavapai College
no [suggestions for improving delivery]

I liked being able to take the class from my office.

Holly Schott SIUE
NO [suggestions for improving delivery]

Todd Sinclair SIUE
I felt that everything was presented just fine.

I liked the application we built in this course.

Aleksandra Knezevic Pima Community College
The class was excellent. Even though it is an online course, instructor made sure the class is so interactive, we had everything we would in a traditional course environment.

Instructor's expertise and patience with students. Course material is excellent.

There is so much of an excellent material in this course, it could easily be a 5 day course. I was able to follow labs, thanks to instructor's help, but I felt I was running through some of them. I will go through the recorded material and try to do labs once again to make sure I really learned material. I do not think SkillBuilders should change anything, it is up to us students to grasp all that you offer.

James Sampson Pima Community College
No [suggestions for improving delivery]

I liked that It was interactive...The instructor could take over the screen and see our desktop

It was a little fast paced

Vicki Phillips Eastern Illinois University
Ken was amazing. He knows a lot on the topic and was able to share it with us in ways that related well.

Cynthia Fearday EIU
[I particularly liked] the teacher, his knowledge, his teaching methods, his patience with students just beginning in java/groovy/grails. He showed us over and over how to use all the information he gave us. He said it every which way to make sure it sunk in. I feel confident enough to give it a try.

Clarence Searcy Eastern Illinois University
I enjoyed gaining a deeper understanding and flow of a groovy/grails application. The instructor Ken Kousen was great, hepresented the training information in a very user friendly way. We were definitely able to gain more useable knowledge from this training which will help us to become more productive and efficient. I would highly recommend [SkillBuilders] to others who are in need of gaining a deeper understanding of groovy and grails.

Glenn Anderson EIU
The instructor [Ken Kousen] was excellent.

Brett Bensley Eastern Illinois University
Ken made the course very enjoyable and informative.

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