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Oracle 12c New Features for Developers

2 Day Onsite or 14 Hour Online Hands-On Training

Participants will  be introduced to the new and improved features of Oracle 12c that concern Application Developers. Several exercises involve practice using new items discussed in the course. Objectives include:

  • Be aware of Oracle 12c features that are geared to developers.
  • Be familiar with the architectural changes and other system-level features that have been added and/or improved in Oracle 12c.
  • Become aware of some 12c DBA oriented features that will impact developers.
  • Use new Oracle 12c SQL and PL/SQL features.
  • Create tables using Identity columns and columns based upon Sequences.
  • Build “Top-N” queries to support user requests.
  • Use Regular-Expression-based Pattern matching to improve data selection.
  • Process time-period sensitive data appropriately with temporal validity features.
  • Improve “join” capabilities using expanded Oracle outer-join operator (+). CROSS_APPLY/OUTER_APPLY, and LATERAL inline views.
  • Improve performance of some SQL be calling PL/SQL defined in WITH clause or using PRAGMA UDF.
  • Utilize improvements in PL/SQL result cache.
  • Be aware of increased usability of Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) in Oracle 12c.
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David Smith Georgia College
The GoToMeeting needs better emoticons. Like Happy, Sad, Applause, In, Out, Break etc

Learned some new to me SQL statements and functions as well as new 12c abilities.

Enjoyed the class. Great instructor.

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