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Oracle Database Performance Tuning Workshop
4 Day Onsite or 28 Hour Online Hands-On Training

This hands-on course covers techniques for diagnosing and fixing performance issues within the instance and the database. These include Standard Edition facilities, also facilities available only with Enterprise Edition licences and with EE options. Some aspects of SQL tuning are discussed, but generally speaking SQL tuning is dealt with elsewhere in the curriculum. As with all SkillBuilders courses, this class (if conducted at your company facilities) is highly customizable to your specific training requirements.

The course is run against the current release of 12c. Much of the content is applicable to earlier releases, and will be "back-ported" as necessary.

Hands-on workshops constitute approximately 25% of the class.

Oracle Certified Master
John Watson
Average Student Rating:
An understanding of Oracle Architecture (for example, what is the SGA, shared pool, buffer cache and PGA?)
Solid experience with SQL
Skills required to “get around” the operating system used in the classroom. For example, the ability to use ls, cd, and pwd commands. 

Experience with Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Database Architecture, SQL and PL/SQL.  

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